We’re excited to be gearing up for Blackboard’s newly updated mobile app. Blackboard is a leading developer of software for K-12 and higher education institutions and students.

Blackboard’s comprehensive ecosystem provides colleges and schools with a unique ability to teach, while also offering a management system that benefits multiple facets of student life.

That’s where Qless comes in. We’re working with Blackboard to allow students to join and manage queues for registration, career counseling, financial assistance, and even parking permits. It will be easier for students and schools to manage day to day administrative needs so that they can spend their time on the things that are important: education and socializing! The Qless integration with Blackboard should be available in the next couple of weeks.

“We are very excited about this design update as it was driven by our users and industry evolution,” said Mark Strassman, senior vice president of product management at Blackboard. “We’re already receiving extremely positive feedback. In particular, student reception has been spectacular. Whether users are logging in at their desktop or on mobile devices, their experience will be more intuitive, simple and productive.”

“The new design is simple and easy to navigate,” said Terrence Freeman, student at Humber College. “It makes it easy to go into different modules and see documents and PowerPoints that my teachers have uploaded. I always have my phone with me — but not always my laptop — so I like that I can look into a class assignment anytime I need to.”

A special thank you to Aaron Krivitzky (AK) and Katie Graves on the Blackboard team! We’ve really enjoyed working with you.