The VP of Sales of a major US corporation recently spoke to me about the buzzers that some restaurants give out to the customers waiting in line to page them: “It’s like having to carry a brick! I hate those damn things. Everybody hates them.”

Then I spoke with our recruiter about them. “They’re unhygienic”, he said. “You never know what someone has done w/it before you got it”.

We spoke with a restaurant manager. “Buzzers?”, he asked, “We just placed a replacement order for $2,000 worth of them! And they don’t even work at the ATM across the street!”

So I asked someone who sells the damn things. “Pager loss is very expensive.”, he told me. “Everybody who has pagers has loss every month”, and added: “There’s some definite advantages to what you’re suggesting [Qless]. [Buzzer companies] are way behind the development curve”.

If your restaurant or business still uses buzzers to page your customers, call 1 866 66-Qless today to treat your customers and your business with the respect they deserve. Welcome to the 21st century.