Okay, you got us!

There is no Line Ringer App and we’re not actually petitioning for the 25th hour (that would cost too much in clock replacement/reprogramming – we’ll really file the petition once we can solve that problem). But judging by the response we saw, we’re not the only ones that love the idea of eliminating lines. You can see Line Ringer featured in this year’s Times’ Best April Fools’ Pranks of 2014 and in Adweek, too!

Line Ringer sends alerts to the phones around you with emergencies and prizes to get everyone out of line and make it your turn now. Well, we can dream can’t we?

We’re delighted to be listed among the best of the best jokesters out there. Of course there were a couple of other April Fool’s pranks that we wish were real. We’re so proud to be amongst Domino’s edible pizza box, Honda’s first DIY car, Google’s Pokemon map and Cern’s change to comic sans. What great company to be in!

We’ve got a high bar for next year…hopefully we’ll get you even better than this year.

Qless' Line Ringer lets you get ahead in line