This just in from Johnson County DMV about Qless:

October 7, 2009
The Johnson County Kansas Treasurer’s Division of Motor Vehicles is pleased to have partnered with Q-Less on our new line management or queuing system.  The response and customer feedback about the system has been overwhelmingly positive.  It has giving our customers a sense of freedom from the motor vehicle process.  They can provide their cell phone number and receive text message updates allowing them to continue with their daily activities while waiting for service.  By improving the line management system, Johnson County is looking to provide a more positive customer experience at the DMV.  This partnership has allowed us to continue improving services and changing the way we do business.   Below are several of our most memorable customer comments…

    One customer mentioned that it was nice that the new system will text you on your cell as your turn in line approaches.  They said that it was as good as car registration may get and it was much better than going to the dentist.
    Another customer commented to a motor vehicle specialist that he had gone into the office and decided to leave until his number was called.  He received a text message letting him know that he had fifteen minutes until he reached the front of the line, but was stuck in traffic at the time.  He was able to request more time by replying by text and was able to be served when he got to the office, not losing his place in line.

Johnson County DMV has a third phase to the new line management Q-Less system.  This will be to launch the ability for customers to enter the line via our internet site.  We are excited and looking forward to implementing and educating our customer on this option.  The internet option has the added bonus of allowing our customer to place themselves in line at home or work.  We anticipate that internet usage will grow as our citizens become more educated about this service.  The flexibility and willingness that Q-Less has shown in understanding our business operations, constraints and needs has been outstanding.  This partnership has been very exciting for Johnson County and we look forward to our continued success.
Amy Meeker Berg
Chief Deputy Treasurer
Johnson County

It’s our distinct pleasure to work with Johnson County, too.