We had a real treat at the headquarters of Qless a couple of weeks ago: Dave Logan, best-selling author of Tribal Leadership, and his partner Carrie Kish, a successful serial entrepreneur and uber-likeable woman, led a session on the stages of tribal leadership. They shared with us how they think the revolution of eliminating standing in line is a stage 5 play –the way the Manhattan project or the race to the Moon were. Their ability to influence people’s language subsequently was truly remarkable. Interestingly, Dave’s TEDx talk at USC had focused on DMV lines as an example of a stage 2 tribe.  We are privileged to count them among our good friends.
It was an amazing three days, with partners visiting us to learn how to bring the No More Lines Qless revolution to places as far away as Nepal, India and Africa. The credit goes mostly to Qless investor and Shareholder Hemant Patel, who flew from London for it, to John Brock, who organized a packed agenda and drove down from our Sacramento offices, and to Diane Bello, our Den Mother and Master Design Space Decorator, and our very own Bond Girl, Leslie Huynh.
Hemant is a remarkable individual. I first met Hemant at a UKTI (UK Trade & Investment) session in which I gave a brief talk, invited by my favorite Scotsman after Braveheart, Steve Smith of Liverpool Vision. Hemant then flew to meet me in Orlando, and made a decision to invest in Qless on the spot. In his words, his nephew Sanjay, an experienced financial guru, told him: “Qless will be worth a billion dollars”. Every time I fly to London, Hemant puts together a remarkable team of people from all over the world on just 24 hour notice, people who get into London to bring our quest to end waiting in line to their own corner of the world. Hemant once picked me up from Heathrow while I was meeting with a major airline’s executives there, he’s driven me to Gatwick…he’s one of those people who’s always there for you.
Rick Barretto, one of our partners for Brazil, kindly brought along his friend Michael, a pro director of photography, to shoot some footage and photos of some of our team members from around the world. Can’t wait to see them!
You can see them all in the photos below.