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Reduce Average Customer Wait Time With QLess Software

When your business draws crowds in the form of long lines or waiting times for appointments, there’s bound to be issues that arise that slow down customer flow. From employees […]

Office Depot Finds Success Two Ways with Virtual Queues

This article was originally published in BornDigital. Need to Know Office Depot first deployed QLess, a remote mobile interactive queueing platform, to 600 stores in September 2019 to gather more […]

5 Benefits of Virtual Lines

  Introduction Technology has transformed the world and done things that were previously never imagined to be possible. We’ve invented the mobile phone, connecting ourselves to other people a world […]

Queue Management: The Solution to Modernize Ports

With Amazon and online shopping, the world has become increasingly reliant on a globalized supply chain. But when most of us think of overseas shipping and ports, we still envision […]

5 Reasons Why QLess Offers The Best Appointment Scheduling App

Whether your business runs solely on appointments or you have a combination of booked appointments and walk-in customers, the QLess appointment scheduling app has an array of customizable features that […]

How Truck Booking Software Increases Efficiency

In the logistics industry, many companies still live in the past, with outdated processes that cost the staff time and the business money. It’s time to move into a new era […]

How Online Appointment Scheduling Improves DMV Customer Experience

With the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, many DMVs across the country were forced to close their doors. For months, transactions were postponed or limited to drop-boxes and mail-in forms for […]

The Value of Customer Service — Even After the Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, businesses have found innovative ways to help their customers shop and open their stores, all in order to service their customers better. With many shops forced to […]

Technology Trends: Credit Union Modernization Amidst the Pandemic

Once thought of as the financial institution for your parents, or even your grandparents, credit unions have remained relatively overlooked for a long time. They’ve been slow to implement technology […]

Keep Doctor’s Office Waiting Rooms Safe Post-COVID

Believe it or not, the coronavirus pandemic has had some positive effects on our society. Because of the pandemic, our healthcare system has gone through radical changes to better fight the spread […]

Let Your Customers Get in Line Online With a Car Appointment App

When you have a limited number of sales and service representatives in your car dealership, rushes during promotional sales or even just during ordinary business hours can make your customers […]

Waiting Room Solutions for Marijuana Dispensaries

Not all states and cities have fully legalized recreational marijuana, but those that have draw crowds from near and far away. Even the dispensaries that only sell medical marijuana pull […]

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