Retail stores were fighting for survival against eCommerce giants long before the COVID-19 pandemic. But the pandemic made business even more difficult for physical retailers. National lockdowns and stay-at-home orders compelled people to shop online for their needs to mitigate the spread of the deadly disease. This trend likely isn’t changing anytime soon; a recent study shows more than half of consumers plan on continuing their online shopping routine post-COVID-19.

Physical retailers must up their game to re-attract consumers to their stores after the pandemic ends. The provision of an enjoyable shopping experience can help draw consumers back into brick-and-mortar stores post-COVID. Implementing modern customer service technologies, such as Qless’s appointment and crowd scheduling software, will improve your customers’ retail shopping experience and increase sales at your physical stores.

What is an Appointment And Crowd Scheduling App?

How many times have you seen someone abandon their selected items and walk away from a store because they wanted to avoid waiting in a long checkout line? Long lines and wait times are frustrating and cause poor customer experience. Every time a customer abandons the checkout queue, your business loses revenue.

Appointment and queue management software enables retail shopping customers to reserve a spot in line virtually, and wait for their appointment in a remote queue until their turn comes up to receive services at your store. During the virtual queue, your customers can browse your store and shop for more products until it’s their turn to check out.

How Do Appointment And Crowd Scheduling Apps Work?

Qless will help set up the crowd management system at your business. After implementing the software, your customers can access the system on arrival using an on-site kiosk or via a mobile app on their smartphone to schedule their appointment. After scheduling their appointment, your customers will join a remote queue to wait for their turn.

retail shopping customer waiting in a remote queue in a grocery store

While in the virtual queue, your customers are free to spend their wait time however they wish. The software allows retail shopping customers to avoid wasting time in long, crowded lines to receive services. Customers in the remote queue receive live updates on their place in line and wait time remaining via text messages so they will know when their appointment is up.

Using the interactive scheduling app, your patrons are able to request additional time and postpone their appointment if their shopping is taking longer than expected–without losing their place in line. Customers are also able to cancel their appointment and exit the virtual queue if they must leave the store. If shoppers need any assistance, they can communicate with retail staff on the platform via text messaging, voice calls, and video teleconferencing.

Benefits of Appointment And Crowd Scheduling Apps For Retail Shopping

Crowd scheduling technology for the retail industry eliminates your patrons’ need to wait for ages in long, crowded physical lines to receive services, reducing customer walk-aways and abandoned items in your store. The software system also improves employee job satisfaction and business operations by relieving your staff of the task of managing crowds and congested areas, allowing them to better serve your customers’ needs.

Happy customers buying a bottle of wine from a friendly cashier

Delivering stellar customer service will boost your reputation, as happy patrons will promote your brand through word-of-mouth and positive online reviews. The appointment scheduling and queue management software also produces reports about customer preferences and buying behavior so you can use the data to deliver a more personalized shopping experience to your patrons.

Enhance Retail Shopping Experience With a Crowd Scheduling App

Physical retailers will face a difficult challenge in attracting customers back to their stores after the COVID-19 pandemic. Implementing modern customer service technologies in your business can increase foot traffic and sales at your brick-and-mortar store, helping your business grow to the next level.

If you want to enhance your customers’ shopping experience in your physical stores, let us help. Qless’s store appointment scheduling and crowd management software solution decreases wait times, reduces walk-aways, and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Contact us now to get a free demo to experience how we can boost foot traffic and increase your business’s revenue.