long waiting lines

If there’s one thing you can count on in the government public sector, it’s that customer experience is often a source of dissatisfaction, featuring long waiting lines. Whether they’re applying for government aid, requesting new official documents, applying for permits, or other business, clients often expect to waste a couple hours sitting around in a waiting room. But what if there were simple ways to improve their customer experience and reduce agitation? Thanks to the QLess appointment scheduling and queue management software, waiting lines are eliminated, creating a more pleasant experience for both clients and employees.

Break Down Those Old-Fashioned Waiting Rooms

Remove the chairs and hard benches, throw out the old magazines, and get rid of the take-a-number machine! Long lines and waiting rooms in government offices are a relic of the last century. Every client you see today has one thing in common — a cellphone on their person. QLess software utilizes this common technology to allow customers to join a virtual queue or make their appointments online. The QLess app then sends voice or text message alerts directly to their cell phone updating them about their wait time and place in line. When it is their turn for service, the app sends them specific directions on what service window they should approach. Employees can also communicate with clients through the app. There’s no more need to yell across a crowded room of people to get someone’s attention.

Let Customers Disperse

One of the most effective ways to improve customer experience in a government office is to give them the ability to spend their waiting time not in lines, but however they choose to utilize it. Instead of feeling like they’ve completely wasted an hour or two, or even half a day, they can opt to run additional errands, shop at local businesses, or even take a nap in their vehicle while they wait. There’s no anxiety about missing your service turn when you can request additional time from the QLess app. Instead of starting the client all over from the back of the line, the app simply pushes them back in the queue a little bit. This can be especially convenient when you’ve decided to go out for lunch and haven’t quite finished yet.

Reduced Waiting Lines Mean Less Agitation

more positive government public sector customer experience

In the government public sector, customer experience often feels like a full day of agitation. Clients get aggravated from waiting lines, and they become even more irritated when they are told they haven’t brought enough of the right paperwork or have some other issue that requires them to return later. All of this daily agitation wears on employees as well and frequently causes them to respond to customers in the same way. Getting rid of waiting lines means reducing agitation for both employees and clients, creating a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

The QLess system gets rid of the waiting lines, but it also provides wait line management systems for government offices that offer valuable data. Managers have access to downloadable tracking and reports that provide detailed analytics like customer types and transaction times, walk-out and no-show rates, customer habits, feedback, and more that can help improve operational efficiency. Contact QLess today to eliminate long lines and wait times or request a free demo. You can also read our current success stories for government offices like yours.