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As the back to school season approaches, college students everywhere are compiling their list of preferred courses for the coming semester. In the rush to get first choice, familiar line-ups begin to clog hallways and student service hubs on campus. Grumpy faces, shoving to get ahead and paper numbers are all too familiar to those working in the student services sector. 

Now, a digital transformation is making an impact on campus and changing the way students select courses. Using simple cloud-based software, wide open spaces can now replace cluttered areas. Instead of taking a number, students can look forward to a simple text message indicating the expected wait time. Eliminating long waits has a huge impact on students, staff and administration alike. See how Qless college course scheduling software makes an impact for all stakeholders involved. 

The Dilemma

A quick walk around any campus can give you a good taste of how things are run. Each building is different and exudes a certain vibe that everyone from students to staff to administration can feel almost immediately. This aura can be enough to attract or deter future students. If a stranger walked onto your campus what would they observe? 

  • Long line-ups out the door or wide open hallways
  • Anxious faces or inquisitive looks
  • Cluttered desks or quiet green spaces

It’s pretty obvious which campus prospective students and their families would prefer to see but how do you help yours reach that higher standard? That’s where cloud-based technology comes in. 

The Solution

College course scheduling software can be part of a larger solution to tackling problem areas on campus. In fact, you might have already seen it in action in any of these familiar situations:

  • If you’ve ever waited for a restaurant table to open via mobile phone
  • Checking into a flight before arrival to skip a line
  • Asking for a call back from a call center instead of waiting on hold

You already know how easy this type of software is to use. From the perspective of stakeholders in your institution, the impact is huge. Let’s take a look at how a simple and cost-effective cloud-based software can completely transform life on campus and beyond for everyone involved. Students, staff and administration can all benefit from one simple transition. 

Perks for Students

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Nobody likes to wait around, and your students could be engaging in other activities instead of lining up. Qless college course scheduling software works to eliminate waiting so that students can spend time settling in to campus life or getting involved in academic or social events. Here are just a few ways that course scheduling software can be a game-changer for students:

  • They can join a virtual queue or make an appointment for the future
  • Various points of contact give students a range of communication options, including mobile, online, texting, on-site kiosk or in-person meetings
  • Students are provided with up-to-date and precise wait times

Becoming a participant in the waiting process helps students with time management. Extra features such as requesting extra time for an appointment makes college course scheduling software the ideal platform for students to engage with staff.

Rewards for Staff

Allow software to help your staff keep track of every little detail with minimal effort. Easily gain access to student information, campus data, wait times and other important materials that help your staff focus on serving students effectively during course scheduling. Integrate software that helps by:

  • Creating reports simply and effectively to help reduce times for course selection and other student needs
  • Eliminating crowds at service hubs
  • Allowing staff to focus more on student needs and less on crowd-control
  • Enhance communication between staff and students via text message or other means

Watch overwhelmed campus staff finally begin to relax as they say goodbye to the scene of long line ups and stressed-out faces greeting them during busy periods. College course scheduling software eliminates crowd management and helps boost staff productivity by up to 49%. The result is much-improved efficiency on campus.

Administrative Effect

Building relationships between administration, staff, and students can become a nightmare during peak periods on campus. Administrators prioritize student retention, great service and problem-solving during these times. See how adding software can impact your organization in a few simple ways:

  • Discover and target problem areas through immediate feedback from student surveys
  • Reduce costs using cloud-based software on campus
  • Increase ROI
  • Visualize trends through data reports that inform administrators and staff

College course scheduling software can be tailored to suit the particular administration at your campus. Our experts can guide you toward selecting the implementation that works for you. Many schools have experienced huge successes by piloting the software in one or two problem areas before rolling it out more widely. Others have delved in head-first and never looked back. 

See the Transformation

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You’ll notice that the transformation on campus immediately as it begins to impact all areas of student life. From opening physical space to increased student satisfaction, here is what you can expect:

  • Notice a boost student retention as needs are addressed quickly
  • Tiny cramped waiting areas are replaced
  • Space is repurposed for students to enjoy
  • Kiosks in place of long lines

Using college course scheduling software technology that most of your staff and students already have in-hand is an easy way to boost morale and gain deeper insights about your student body. With no new hardware and easy training, we can help you implement an effective strategy to quickly address your campus needs.

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