Comparing a Positive and Negative Customer Experience Journey

A customer experience journey, positive or negative, is memorable. Consider the best customer service experience you’ve most recently had– how you left feeling excited about whatever it was you bought, how it encouraged you to tell your friends to take their business there should they be in the market, how you felt understood and valued at a personal level. This interaction likely brightened your day, validating your decision to spend money on this particular product.

Now consider the opposite– the last time you had a negative customer service experience. Hopefully you haven’t had many, but we’ve all endured the ridiculous wait times, the back and forth with an unapologetic employee who doesn’t seem to care about whatever basic issue you’re having, the defeated feeling that stays with you long after the interaction has ended. Maybe this was followed by a bit of buyer’s remorse? A rage review on Yelp? At the very least, you probably still aren’t telling anyone to take their business to the place that treated you so poorly.

Understanding Customer Experience Results

In order to effectively understand the customer experience, it’s helpful to define it as the overall impression a customer has of your company. Customer experience is not limited to one specific stage of the customer’s journey but is the entirety of their experience with your brand, consisting of various moving parts. Customer experience includes, (but is not necessarily limited to), the initial researching and purchasing of your product, an issue that may arise causing them to contact your customer service department, and how they continue to feel about your product long after they’ve purchased it.

Since the customer experience journey is a process that takes place over an extended period of time, it’s imperative that your company be constantly searching for ways to promote the best customer service experience throughout. Prioritizing customer experience is a priceless key to achieving success and brand loyalty for your business. It is essential to do everything in your company’s power to enhance the customer experience journey, from beginning to end. QLess offers technology to help facilitate this in the early stages of customer interaction by providing appointment scheduling and queue management systems that strive to eliminate lines and wait times for your customers, a time-saving benefit that has far-reaching positive effects on your business.

Promoting Positive Experiences

There are many factors to consider when discussing strategies to promote a positive experience, and regardless if your company is associated with governmenthigher educationhealthcarelogistics, or retail, every company can benefit from improvement in the area of enhanced customer service. By eradicating pains associated with unnecessary lines and pesky wait times, QLess’ queue management technology ensures a positive customer service journey for your clients that is proven to reduce ‘walkaways’, increase staff productivity and efficiency, decrease customer complaints, and improve your company’s online reputation. Our results are data-driven and have served to increase revenue for countless companies.

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Successful companies prioritize customer experience, understanding that by doing so, they are investing in the ongoing success of their own company. What a customer desires the most is to be acknowledged as a human and treated with respect. Additionally, a customer wants to feel confident about what they spend their hard-earned dollars on. They desire to feel understood by the company, no matter how small or large the investment may be. Keeping your customers feeling understood and prioritized is the best way to ensure a positive customer experience journey.

Technology for Improved Customer Experience

Thanks to invaluable technological advances, today’s consumers have grown accustomed to swift reaction times from companies they interact with. Customers are interested in having instant access to products they buy, benefiting from their purchase immediately, as well as having any questions they might have about a company met with answers in a timely fashion, sometimes that means within minutes! Businesses no longer have the upper hand that they once had, thanks to a customer’s ability to easily take their money elsewhere with one, simple Google search for a competitor brand. This is why every effort and cost invested in ensuring a positive customer experience journey is a wise one.

QLess has created a way to promote customer satisfaction by putting the customer’s wants at the forefront. One way to effectively heighten your unique experience is to provide customers with the luxury of considering the importance of their time, and that is what QLess brings to the table. Their time is valuable and one of the best ways to ensure the best customer service experience, is to make your customer aware of how much you value their time by eliminating the necessity of queues all together. QLess technology wants to make your business boom by making lines a thing of the past.

Creating a Positive Experience Over a Negative One

The difference between a positive and a negative customer experience put in simplest terms is this: the difference between a returning customer who spreads positive feedback about your company, and an unhappy customer who does the exact opposite, souring your reputation to anyone they come in contact with. Both of these customer outcomes can have a tremendous weight on your business at a larger scale. It is the difference between potential customers choosing to invest in your brand, or those same customers taking their business to your competitor. With this basic information on consumer mentality, it is easier to understand how using QLess technology to eliminate long lines and wait times can foster the most positive customer experience journey and ultimately boost your company’s revenue.

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