Recently we posted the great reviews that one of our healthcare clients was receiving due to improvement in their waiting system, among other reasons.

And it has happened again with another customer!

Although it seems impossible, this time it is a government institution. Yes, what you hear. The truth is that unfortunately public entities have the worst reputation in terms of customer service and efficiency. But fortunately things are changing.
No more endless lines and the best of all, knowing how long will it take to be served, so we can organize our day.

As you can see we have a solution that adapts to different industries, each one of them with its own features but all have improved customer service. Registration process is more efficient, waiting times are shorter and especially keeping customers informed all the time.


For more information, check out our industries page. In the meantime you can check our customer’s customers reviews.

Raja S. wrote in his 5-star review:

Govt & efficiency? What, what?

First of all there is plenty of space to park. You can sign in online for your appointment. Even if you don’t have an appointment, the max wait time after you get your ticket is 10 mins, avg wait time is 5 mins.

People in the counter are courteous and extremely fast. There was one time this Hispanic lady seemed like she was from the Research Blvd office (see my other review for that office)

Even though the POS Research Blvd office is 5 mins from my house, I drive 20 mins to this model of efficiency. Charmed.

Jana B. who has also made ​​3 check-ins here, said:

This Department of Public Safety office is worth reviewing. It’s the most organized and well staffed DPS I have ever ever been to. There’s someone directing you as soon as you walk in so there’s no question about the direction you’re going or forms that need to be completed. They check you in by the last 4 digits of your cell phone and we immediately received a text that said our wait was 3 minutes. We walked in the door with at least 10 other people. Any other location would have had at least a half hour wait with this amount of people. Joy!

Everything was like a dream until we sat down with the person who was lucky enough to choose our number. She was not the friendliest but I guess we weren’t there to make friends. A smile wouldn’t have hurt but the speed of our visit made it well worth our visit with Ms. I’m-not-happy.

And Stu R. also from Austin, TX, stated:

Registering online and getting text notifications is the best thing to happen to DPS. I literally walked in and was called before I had time to find a seat. It’s the exact opposite of the stereotypical DPS experience. If DPS is this good, what do we make fun of now?

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