Your old system might have had a long successful run, but times are changing, and technology will always need an upgrade after a while. Qless is the new credit union software that can put your old system to shame. Queue management, appointment scheduling, and easy information organization are key benefits and features that this new technology has to offer your credit union. Start making your employees’ lives easier and enhance your customers’ convenience.

Queue Management for Financial Institutions

Whether it’s payday or just the lunch rush, lines at credit unions can get lengthy. Customers are often in a hurry; they can only wait so long before they need to get back to work or continue their other errands. Qless takes the guesswork out of wait times for your customers. This credit union software allows customers to join the virtual queue before they’ve even left work. Wherever they are, they can join using the company app and receive text message alerts about wait times. They can even request more time if traffic gets backed up or the boss needs a last-minute job done. Qless queue management can also integrate walk-ins using on-site kiosks.

Automated Appointment Scheduling 

Some tasks require a bit more attention from credit union employees, like loan applications. The Qless credit union software merges with your own website and app to provide a simple option for customers to schedule an appointment. Employees will be able to see why the person needs an appointment and they’ll be able to communicate directly with them using text messages. This system for credit unions is automated, so customers receive instant appointment confirmations and reminders to help them make their appointments on time. 

Record Data from Customers

A woman uses computers at a desk

Inputting information can be a tedious job for credit union employees. Qless software takes away some of these tasks with features that record data and metrics. You’ll have access to information on customers, transaction types, transaction durations, and even feedback from customer satisfaction surveys. All of this data can be downloaded into easy-to-read graphs and reports. You can use this info to improve business operations, create employee incentive programs, compare branches, and customize promos for customers. The credit union software even allows you the opportunity to send advertisements straight to your customers’ cell phones.

This is just a small overview of all the benefits and features of Qless software for financial institutions. Contact us today for a demonstration of how it works. We’ll also be able to tell you about banks and credit unions that are currently using Qless to make their businesses run more smoothly and create a better customer experience. This software will help your credit union gain an edge over the competition when it comes to customer retention.