In the banking industry and many others, times have changed from walk-in, stand-in-line services to higher expectations for the customer experience. Customers need their space for social distancing and want modern options that add convenience to their lives. Companies everywhere are capitalizing on the ease of use provided by virtual services using phone apps and contactless services. If your financial institution hasn’t taken the plunge, it’s high time you learn about queue management and appointment scheduling software that will bring a new level of great customer experience to your credit union members.

An App to Manage Customers in Line

These days, people can use an app on their cell phones to order groceries for pickup, have food delivered from any restaurant, arrange social activities, and so much more. We love how convenient it is. Now, financial businesses like credit unions and banks can use an app to manage all of their customers. The Qless app uses queue management to add clients to a virtual line so they can wait anywhere for their service turn. Daily rushes will no longer turn into a crowded waiting area. Credit union members enjoy a great customer experience when they can check in to the virtual queue from their vehicles and wait to be summoned with alerts sent directly to their cell phones. Social distancing promotes a healthy atmosphere for both your clients and employees.

Convenient Appointment Scheduling

The Qless app also combines the use of appointment scheduling to manage clients. Your customers can easily make appointments to apply for loans, open accounts, or conduct other in-depth business by booking on the company’s website or the app. The FlexAppointments technology integrates appointments with walk-ins and helps to fill gaps in the schedule. Staff can use the app to send direct text or voice communications to credit union members. This is especially handy if delays in the schedule arise. Keeping the customer informed and in-the-loop makes for a great experience with your financial institution. Maintaining these positive experiences is essential for retaining members.

Gain Insights About Members

Getting to know your customers better so you can provide outstanding credit union member experience is easy with the Qless app. With no effort by your staff, the app collects an array of information about member habits like transaction types, service durations, no-show rates, and more that is arranged into graphs and reports. The app can also send customer satisfaction surveys through text messages. You’ll gain valuable member feedback about your services and employees. Using all of this important data, you can make adjustments to improve business operations.
Qless software offers a wide array of features and benefits for credit unions. Start promoting social distancing and upgrade your services today to give your customers a great experience that will keep them coming back for years. Contact us to request a free demo and to learn about other financial institutions that have had great success implementing our software.