New Deloitte Study Explores Digital Maturity in Government Offices

government digital maturity

There’s no denying that innovative technology and digital transformation are the main factors shaping our future. But exactly what does that future look like? A new study by Deloitte seeks to answer that question, at least when it comes to the future of government. The report is based on a survey of more than 1200 government officials from over 70 countries and seeks to evaluate what they refer to as their organization’s “digital maturity.”

Government offices and other public sector operations around the globe are abandoning their analog systems in favor of digital operations. While this has been happening gradually for many years now, the pandemic’s social distancing requirements helped accelerate the change in many offices over the past year.

It should come as no surprise that Deloitte’s respondents report that digital technologies are having a major impact. But it is rather impressive just how much impact they’re seeing. According to the study, three-quarters of the respondents believe digital technologies are “disrupting the public sector,” while a resounding 96% say their impact is “significant.” Keep in mind that these respondents come from all over the world, and the uniformity of their opinion is truly eye-opening. 

Despite the perceived importance of digital maturity, 70% of survey respondents said that they saw their progress as lagging behind that of the private sector. While it’s no secret that change happens slowly in government organizations, it is surprising that this number remains so high. However, it should also provide some comfort if you feel your own organization is behind on digital transformation, as you’re clearly not alone.

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That said, it’s obviously a great time to enact change. And one of the most important places you can perform digital transformation is in your queue management strategy. Long lines and waiting times are one of the many things that should remain in the pre-pandemic past, and our software gives you the tools you need to make that happen.

Using a virtual queue in place of a traditional line isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s a matter of efficiency. We’ll help you process more customers on a daily basis while keeping things running on time to avoid overtime payouts. Considering that the Deloitte report found that budgetary concerns are one of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to achieving digital maturity, these improvements to efficiency should help make a compelling argument that the right changes can pay for themselves.

This newest study from Deloitte is just the latest piece in a growing list of evidence that governments are going digital like never before. The pandemic may have accelerated the change, but it has been a long time coming. If your government office is ready to embrace the future and reach “digital maturity,” start by getting rid of in-person lines and improving your operational efficiency with QLess.