The pandemic has likely changed the way colleges conduct operations for years to come. Schools are notorious incubators for germs and viruses, which is particularly concerning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The vaccine is being distributed, but healthy, young college students will be the last to receive it. So in the meantime, schools have to come up with solutions to help keep people safe and healthy while they get their education. For open campuses, QLess queue management software is the best solution to disperse college lines and promote social distancing.

Give Students Time Back

When you disperse college lines, you also give valuable time back to students, which they can use to study and complete school work. QLess queue management software works by placing students into a virtual queue. Students can join this virtual line using the app or an on-site kiosk. They then receive text messages with accurate wait times. As they move to the front of the line, the app directs them to the right desk for whatever service they need. So instead of physical lines with 6-foot spacing markers, students are free to social distance and wait anywhere. They could spend their time wisely in the library, or toss a frisbee with friends.

Students studying in a library

Appointment Scheduling for Faculty & Staff  

QLess also gives students the option to schedule an appointment, which helps organize meetings and disperse college lines. The FlexAppointment technology seamlessly integrates walk-in students with those who have booked an appointment, filling gaps in the schedule. Faculty and staff have access to real-time dashboards that let them view appointments and people waiting in the virtual queue. They can see what services students need, and they can also communicate directly with them through text messages. 

A Simple System for Complex Colleges

College lines form all over campus, from the admissions office, to financial aid offices, to class supplies stores, to campus restaurants. QLess queue software is capable of handling it all. It’s a versatile system that can be applied to anywhere that forms a line or schedules appointments. It’s easy for both staff and students to use. The software itself gets integrated into the college’s website and app. It communicates directly with students’ cell phones to alert them about wait times and upcoming appointments. With an easy setup and quick training time, your college will be ready to implement the software.

While distance learning is a good option to avoid crowded classrooms, it’s not the best method of learning for all students. Some need hands-on learning that can only come from in-person teaching. To make campuses a safer, healthier place for students and staff, queue management software is the best solution. It promotes responsible social distancing with virtual college lines, lets students make better use of their time, and simplifies scheduling for staff. Contact us today to learn about other colleges that have had great success with QLess queue management software.