How Online Appointment Scheduling Improves DMV Customer Experience

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With the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, many DMVs across the country were forced to close their doors. For months, transactions were postponed or limited to drop-boxes and mail-in forms for certain requests. As social distancing measures are starting to relax and businesses are opening up again, DMVs must now look at new methods to promote healthier environments for both their staff and customers. Booking appointments ahead of time is one way many DMVs are dealing with their soft re-openings. And customers are rushing to fill time slots at their local DMV. Online appointment scheduling with the QLess system is an automated solution that relieves employee stress and reduces the number of missed appointments. 

A New Technology That Customers Love

If one good thing came out of the pandemic, it’s that many DMVs have revamped the way they serve customers. We all know that waiting in a DMV appointment line can last for hours. Scheduling an appointment online through the website or an app on a customer’s cell phone cuts back on wait time significantly. The QLess software uses its FlexAppointment feature to fill gaps in the schedule. And, once DMVs can accept walk-ins again, the software will also seamlessly integrate those who show up on-site with those who have booked an appointment ahead of time. Customers who trade hours of wait time for a scheduled appointment are much happier and even treat DMV employees with more kindness and respect.

Continuing to Social Distance

Social distancing is something that can always benefit people and help protect them from viruses, especially during times like flu season. It’s a pandemic measure that we should all learn from and do our best to continue to promote in public settings. QLess not only offers online appointment scheduling for DMVs, but it also provides a system for appointment line management. When customers walk in to the DMV, instead of taking a number, they join a virtual queue using onsite kiosks or the app on their cell phone. The QLess system then sends text or voice message alerts, keeping them updated about their wait time and place in line. When it’s their turn, the app directs them to the correct service counter. That means they can wait anywhere they want outside of the DMV office.

Recording Customer Satisfaction

When you implement a new system into your business, it’s important to gauge how well it’s working. It’s easy to do this with QLess online appointment scheduling for DMVs. One of the features and benefits of the system is the ability to immediately send customer satisfaction surveys to those who have just been served. They receive the survey directly on their cell phone, instead of an email survey. You’ll receive higher completion rates with this method and be able to record your customers’ feedback for evaluation. You’re sure to see a spike in satisfied customers. You can also keep an eye on your online reviews. Happy customers will record their experience for other potential customers to see.

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Contact QLess today to request a free demo and learn more about the features and benefits that QLess online appointment scheduling can offer your DMV location. There is no better time to upgrade your processes than now!