A packed parking lot outside of DMV

When people think about the DMV, they often cringe because they know wait times can last for hours. A trip to the DMV to wait in line can potentially take up a large portion of the day and leave customers feeling aggravated. But what if customers can reclaim their wait time and use it to run other errands or grab a bite to eat? With Qless software, waiting in line at the DMV is a thing of the past. DMV customers can now make an appointment and join a virtual queue.

Tech for Walk-In Customers

Qless technology is software that works with customers’ cell phones to place them in a virtual queue. It fully replaces the old, clunky take-a-number system and also integrates walk-ins with scheduled appointments. For customers that walk in and need service, they can easily use the app or onsite kiosks to join the virtual queue. After that, they are free to leave the building, go grab a snack, pick up groceries, or do anything they want to. This is made possible with text notifications that let them know how long their wait time is and what position they are in line. In fact, customers can even join the virtual queue before they leave home! Instead of waiting in line at the DMV, they can relax on the couch until their service turn approaches.

Forget Waiting in Line with DMV Appointments

A popular new trend at DMVs since the pandemic started is to utilize appointments. Qless software follows this protocol and lets customers make their appointments on the DMV website and the app. It also reduces no-shows with helpful reminders sent straight to customers’ cell phones. FlexAppointments enables customers to skip the wait in line at DMV, while still accounting for the walk-ins. It seamlessly integrates both appointments and the virtual queue to fill gaps in the schedule and cater to every customer that needs DMV service.

Service Dashboard for Employees

Customers aren’t the only ones who love Qless technology. On the employee end, every staff member gains access to a real-time dashboard that lets them see who is a walk-in, who has a scheduled appointment, and what services they need that day. Employees can also easily communicate directly with customers using text or voice messages. Direct communication can make the day’s schedule run smoother with notifications about instructions and delays.

Back-End Data and Analytics

Qless software makes for happy customers and employees, but it has perks for managers, too. The software records all sorts of data pertaining to customer info, transaction types and times, no-show rates, and even customer satisfaction survey results. Everything is neatly organized into graphs and reports that can be used to help improve business operations.

Cut out your DMV customers’ wait in line with appointments and virtual queue software today! Contact us for a free business demo and learn about DMVs that are having great success with Qless technology.