For Apple fans anticipating the new iPhone 6S, the wait is finally over.

Or is it… ?


Queuing for the Apple device du jour is a notorious tradition. And since its debut last week, lines around the world to purchase the iPhone 6S could virtually wrap… around the world.


In Sydney, Australia, one enterprising woman sent a robot to do her bidding so she wouldn’t have to wait overnight, sleeping on a sidewalk in front of the Apple Store with thousands of others.

But in an age of thriving technology, does it make sense to wait in line several hours, if not overnight, for the most high-tech phone available on the planet?

In an era of cutting-edge technology, this is an irony not lost on us at Qless.

The key advantage of Qless technology allows people to virtually check-in to a line. Status updates are sent on wait-time and when one’s turn approaches, they are notified by text or voice message. Voilà, world!

Perhaps by the release of the next iPhone, we can finally make waiting a thing of the past… wherever there are lines.