People waiting in line

The traditional DMV number system often results in long wait times, unsatisfied customers, and overworked DMV employees. The national average wait time in line at the DMV is said to be around 35 minutes. However, there are many DMVs with much longer waits. In some cities in California, the wait can be hours. Utilizing a queue management and appointment scheduling system like Qless revolutionizes how people view the driver’s license or vehicle registration experience. 

Here Are Six Reasons to Ditch Your Traditional DMV Number System.

1. People Can Join a Virtual Queue From Anywhere

Traditionally, if you need to go to the DMV, you have to go there, use the DMV number system and wait. With a system like Qless, people can join the queue wherever they are and understand the current wait time. Qless frees them to do whatever they want while they wait for their turn.

People can join via the app, SMS, website, or phone, making it easy for anyone to get in the queue. And in a post-Covid world, this reduces the number physically waiting in line at the DMV by up to 95%.

2. Citizens Can Schedule an Appointment for the Day They Want

The traditional DMV number system requires you to go there and wait in line for an appointment that day. Another reason to ditch the conventional method is people can pick the day they want to go to the DMV. Qless frees up citizen’s schedules and enables staff to have greater visibility into their day and manage the queue more efficiently.

People in a lobby

3. Status Updates With Estimated Wait Times

After someone joins the queue, staff can keep people updated on their estimated wait time with bi-directional communications helping manage expectations. And if someone is running late, they can alert staff so that they don’t lose their place altogether.

4. People Can Wait Where They Want

Instead of waiting in a crowded DMV office, the Qless system lets people wait wherever they choose. They can wait at home, go shopping or grab coffee with a friend. Qless eliminates the frustration often taken out on DMV employees when people wait in line at the DMV.

5. Manage Scheduling for All DMV Offices from One System

If you manage DMV offices, the ability to manage scheduling for all offices in one place is an important reason to get rid of the traditional DMV number system. Qless lets you enable live, at-a-glance view into queue performance across all locations. Managers can break down data views in any way that makes sense to improve performance and optimize resources across the organization. You can’t do that with the traditional wait inline method. 

6. Harness Your Data and Analytics to Create Actionable Dashboards

Qless takes the wait out of the line at the DMV. The system not only lets you monitor workflow in real-time but lets you break down your data into meaningful segments. It also pulls on your historical data to predict future wait times. You can instantly see bottlenecks and problems and adjust processes in real-time, as needed.

The traditional DMV number system is inefficient as people want to get their daily tasks done without wasting too much time in line. Qless can reduce that wait time and help your DMV run more smoothly than ever. Schedule a demo to see how it can help you.