Customer checking out of the store

One of the best ways to ensure customers return to your business is by providing a positive experience when interacting with your staff. In today’s world of e-commerce and widespread competition, customers expect convenience. If your business can’t offer that, they will shop elsewhere. One easy way to enhance customer convenience is to utilize customer appointment management software.

On average, people will spend a year of their life waiting. Whether that’s waiting for friends, waiting for a video to load, or waiting in line at the post office, we spend more time than we like waiting. Research has shown that we spend 12 minutes waiting for a train or subway on an average day, 22 minutes waiting for a meal, 10 minutes in the queue at the post office, and 24 minutes waiting for other people. What if your business adds to your customers’ daily wait time? 

A study of retail executives showed customers would only spend up to 5 minutes in line before they abandon their purchase and leave the store, costing the business potential revenue. One way to improve wait times is by using customer appointment management software

QLess queue management software eliminates long lines and reduces wait times with a virtual queue that tells customers how long their wait will be and updates them with real-time notifications. Hence, they know exactly when to show up for their turn. 

Let Customers Wait Where They Want

When patrons are waiting without anything to do, they get impatient. Research on queuing has shown busy time feels shorter than unoccupied time. 

Using a virtual queue system like QLess lets customers wait where they want and gives them the chance to occupy their time, even if just for a cup of coffee. Customer appointment management software allows people to skip the line altogether. They join the queue and go about their day, knowing QLess will alert them when it’s their turn. 

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Give Customers the Ability to Communicate With You

One of the problems with traditional queue systems is that once you take a number, you have to wait without the ability to communicate with anyone. 

QLess customer appointment management software provides two-way communications allowing both the business and customers to communicate. If the wait is a bit longer than expected, the company can send the customer a message on their phone with a new time. Conversely, if a customer is running late, they can alert the business, then adjust the queue, ensuring they don’t lose their place in line. 

Learn From Your Customer Interactions for Better Service

Customers are more demanding today than ever before. They expect to be treated well and know other businesses are waiting to take care of them if yours isn’t. An essential feature of using customer appointment management software like QLess is it provides robust analytics to learn from your current and past customer interactions. 

Further, you can get customer feedback by sending pulse surveys to your customers after each experience with your company. The information collected combined with the dashboard analytics in the system offer companies valuable insights that help them improve their customer experience and make it more convenient for guests to do business with you. 

Enhancing customer convenience by utilizing customer appointment management software is an easy way to help your business grow. Contact QLess today to schedule a demo and learn how to improve your customers’ convenience and experience.