College students aren’t often thought of as consumers or customers, but there are strong similarities between prospective college students and potential buyers. Both the student journey and the customer journey begin with discovering your “brand” and end with becoming a committed supporter.

However, the student journey is lengthier than deciding which brand of sneakers to buy. There’s also greater cost and allocation of time involved. This means the risk increases that students may lose interest in what you have to offer, but on the flip side, it also provides more opportunities to engage and connect throughout their college admission and enrollment process.

Student Journey Mapping 101

How a college connects with students makes a difference in their perceptions of the institution. Therefore, colleges not only need to entice students to enroll, but they also have to support them so that they stay to complete their program of study. This means mapping the student journey every step of the way.

Integrating Your Student Journey with QLess

QLess is a gestión de colas y scheduling system que apoya your school’s student journey map by eliminating the need to wait in line for services or appointments. QLess seamlessly integrates into a school’s website and makes it easy for students to join a virtual queue when they need to meet with faculty or staff.

Five Ways to Add Queue Management into Your Student Journey

1. Make it easy to meet

In the initial phase of discovering colleges, students research different options and learn what’s available. At this stage, a school can help them define their preferences through scheduling in-person and online campus tours.

2. Make it easy to answer questions

Once students begin to submit their college applications, lots of questions will arise. By delivering excellent customer service and quickly setting up personalized meetings with admissions officers, you can ensure all questions are answered.

3. Make it easy to be their #1 choice

A young woman gives the thumbs up sign.

Students will be accepted to several institutions, which means you need to show them why your school should be their top choice. Creating a system for students and their parents to set up confidential meetings to discuss financial aid and tuition can make a big difference.

Two young men doing homework.4. Make it easy to enroll

Scheduling students’ orientations, ordering textbooks, and registering for classes are all essential next steps. Making it easy and convenient to meet with academic advisors is crucial.

 5. Make it easy to reach graduation

Student journey mapping doesn’t end when classes start. Once enrolled, students need support to step confidently into the working world. Scheduling soon-to-be and recent graduates to attend career fairs, resume building and independent living skills workshops, and networking with older alumni are just a few examples.

Ready to Optimize Your Campus’ Student Journey?

QLess seamlessly integrates with your college’s website and significantly improves student satisfaction and outcomes. If you’re looking for strategies to enhance your campus experience, contact QLess hoy para una demostración del producto. You’ll be excited to discover how queue management software benefits your students and helps you reach admission and retention goals.