Essential Elements of the Patient Journey and How QLess Can Help

Whether you’re a family doctor’s office or a complex hospital, the essential elements of the patient journey are the same. Mapping this journey is easier than ever with QLess appointment scheduling software. It’s an automated software that can help streamline processes.  

1) Booking the Appointment

Outside of emergencies, the patient journey starts when a person wants a healthcare provider’s help and needs to book an appointment. Today, most people start by turning to the facility’s website or app to schedule an appointment. They expect to choose from available providers and open time slots for the next available appointment. QLess makes it a breeze to set this up on your website or app. The system is easy to use, and patients get automated confirmations and reminders to help them make the appointment on time.    

2) Waiting at the Time of Service

The next part of the patient journey occurs when they arrive at the healthcare facility for their appointment. The traditional approach requires patients to check in with a receptionist and wait in a room with other people for a long period before they will be seen by the provider. It’s boring and, in the context of a global pandemic, nerve-racking for the patient. QLess improves the patient experience by letting them check in remotely from their vehicle. Then, they can wait in the vehicle or nearby while the app sends them text messages about wait times. It clears out the waiting rooms, promotes social distancing for the sick, and lets the patient make better use of their wait time.

3) Meeting with the Healthcare Provider

Once the visit commences, it’s up to your providers to offer great service to their patients. QLess can help owners of facilities keep tabs on how long medical office visits take for every patient and compare these times across different branches.

4) Booking a Follow-Up

The last step in the patient journey is to schedule follow-up appointments if needed. This can mean waiting at the reception desk again while the receptionist helps other patients. Or, QLess appointment scheduling technology can let the patient leave the office and easily book follow-ups online. It’s one less thing to hold up the patient and staff after an appointment.  

5) Reviewing Service Provided

When a patient completes the patient journey with a healthcare facility, they may want to share their experience either with the company or through an online review. QLess makes it easy to record patient feedback through text message customer satisfaction surveys. All of the information collected by QLess throughout the entire patient journey makes mapping their experience possible. The information is organized into graphs and reports that can be used to improve business operations from the very first step to the last.

QLess software is easy to install and easy to use for both patients and staff. Contact us today for a demonstration of all the benefits and features.