Someone very trustworthy, smart, organized, who is not picky about what they do or do not do but rather has a good attitude to getting things done, who has command of basic arithmetic and proper English spelling and grammar, who can do everything and anything that I can delegate. Yeah, attitude: Like, this is mine too. Your success is ours/mine.

When I answer correspondence or the phone I make the person/customer/client/colleague feel like I am their personal assistant and that their agenda is important to me, their convenience is on my mind, my efficiency for them counts.

And as to smart: very smart. And by smart, there are different smarts. Needs to be savvy about technology or conversant with it, but there is street smart-make sure they see things coming I may miss- they take the work to heart-it’s more than a job and they have a history of acting and feeling that way. Ideally someone who has been an EA to a successful executive before. Someone who can get to know key clients and leaders sometimes better than me. Someone who has worked in senior positions before a plus.

Someone who anticipates what I do not. Who is proactive. And upbeat, stable and fun. Who can be light hearted and can be serious and know when.

Promises future growth in one of the world’s fastest growing companies in a fun, casual environment and a desire to change the world for the better. Getting honored for Best Business Innovation of 2009 and beating Google at their game in a 3rd party-evaluated blind test was just the beginning.

For multi-talented applicants, job may include work in accounting, accounts receivable and payable, process design, documentation, customer support, IT, office management and appointment-setting.

Send a resume to careers {at} for more details.** Special thanks to the always fabulous Robert Fisher for tips on this job description.