Five Tips to Reduce Customer Complaints

Table of Contents:

  1. Eliminate Lines and Long Waits
  2. Enable 2-Way Communications
  3. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep
  4. Provide Outstanding Customer Services
  5. Ask For Feedback and Suggestions

Most businesses want to know how to reduce customer complaints. Poor customer experience and service usually result in negative reviews as poor customer experience and service can result in negative reviews, declined business, and decreased revenue.

With customer complaints, employees need to take additional time to find a solution to the problem, which may include offering complementary products or services. It’s estimated that losses from unvoiced complaints about some companies are $16 million a year. To proactively combat customer dissatisfaction, here are five recommendations on how to reduce customer complaints.

1. Eliminate Lines and Long Waits

Customers being served

One of the most common customer complaints — if not the #1 complaint — is long wait times. According to the New York Times, people spend 37 billion hours each year waiting in line.

Using a virtual queue management system like QLess lets you eliminate lines and long wait times. A cloud-based system enables people to join the queue from wherever they are and lets them wait wherever they want. If you are looking for how to reduce customer complaints, consider creating better experiences and providing customers with real-time updates on their appointment time.

2. Enable 2-way communications

Customer service agent

Customers get frustrated when they can’t interact and communicate with you or when it is difficult and takes a lot of time. Providing a means for customers to communicate with you will eliminate a lot of complaints. The QLess platform enables bi-directional communications that allow patrons to reach out if there is an issue. 

For example, if they are running late for their appointment, they can let you know via the app or SMS. You can then adjust their time, so they don’t lose their place, making it an easy solution in regards to how you can reduce customer complaints.

3. Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep

People at a coffee house

Keeping promises should be an obvious way to prevent customer complaints. Yet when people look for how to reduce customer complaints, this one is often overlooked. If you tell an individual that their appointment time is at a specific time and they show up and wait, they may get frustrated and leave your business. 

QLess appointment scheduling gives you complete control and visibility over your appointments and calendar. If your team is running late, it’s easy to let the customer know, adjust their appointment time and inform them of their new time. That alert gives them the ability to continue doing what they were doing and wait where they want.

4. Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service staff

Companies looking at how to reduce customer complaints should always look to their customer service department. Often, it’s not the initial problem that is the biggest complaint; it’s how that complaint is handled. Training your staff to provide excellent customer service will likely reduce the number of complaints. 

QLess has rich analytics and a solid dashboard that lets you learn about all customer interactions to improve your service. It also allows you to make adjustments in real-time to prevent additional problems.

5. Ask For Feedback and Suggestions

Customer service center

Getting customer suggestions and feedback is a great way to reduce or eliminate customer complaints. QLess allows you to gather feedback immediately after an appointment and send pulse surveys to get additional observations. Customer feedback is a great way to learn and decrease customer complaints. 

Companies looking at how to reduce customer complaints can make significant progress with just a few steps. Contact QLess today to schedule a demo and learn how QLess can help your business.