With the holiday season quickly approaching, the busiest shopping season of the year is shaping up to look dramatically different than it has in the past. As online shopping becomes the norm, brick-and-mortar stores need ways to help them attract shoppers and regain lost income. The solution? Line management software. Below are five ways that it can improve the in-store shopping experience and help retain customers this holiday season.

  1. Manage Traffic

With many states and cities calling for reduced capacities inside public spaces, line management software provides stores the ability to easily track the flow of customers. Using queue management technology, stores can easily know exactly how many people are inside and how many are waiting in line. Instead of relying on manual tallies of people, this helps create a much more accurate count of how many customers are currently shopping. As one person leaves the shop, the app will automatically notify the next person in line that they can enter the store. This can help ensure that stores are operating at a proper capacity and that there is a constant flow of customers ready to come inside and shop.

  1. Keep Customers Warm

With line management software, customers no longer have to wait in a physical line, which can cause an unpleasant shopping experience in the cold, snow, or rain. Customers simply use their personal devices to join a virtual queue from wherever they are. As they approach the front of the line, the app will send them notifications about their wait time and their place in line. This can help customers plan their trip to the store—if it takes them 15 minutes to get to the store, they can leave their house at the 15-minute wait time. That way, they can avoid waiting in the cold or their car. When they arrive, they will automatically be able to go inside and shop, avoiding the winter weather completely. 

  1. Reduce Wait Times

The app reduces manual effort, taking care of managing capacities and informing customers when they can enter the store on behalf of customer service representatives. By automating these processes, informing customers that it’s their turn to shop is instantaneous. Automating these processes can help minimize wait times for customers and deliver a more positive shopping experience.  

  1. Improve Safety

The pandemic has increased health and safety concerns for customers and employees. That’s why online shopping has increased in popularity—because it can be done from the safety of home. To attract consumers to stores and to help them feel safe while shopping, retailers need to be upfront about the health and safety practices that they are implementing in-store. With line management software, stores can reduce the number of people inside at all times. They also allow for physically distant waiting lines, as they are completely virtual. Finally, they reduce the number of shared touchpoints, as they use personal devices to join the queue. All of these elements contribute to greater customer safety and improve shopping experience. 

  1. Improve Customer Retention

It’s simple. A happy customer will be more likely to return to your store for future purchases than a dissatisfied customer. Happy customers are also likely to recommend your store to their friends and family, which is a highly effective form of marketing. By improving the waiting experience—an experience that we’re all familiar with yet still getting used to on this scale—the overall customer experience will improve. This will encourage shoppers to return to your store, as they will be familiar with the technology and impressed by the overall shopping experience. By implementing Qless, stores can improve customer satisfaction by up to 99%.