Turn Long Lines into Empty Waiting Rooms

Colleges across the United States are under increased pressure to improve student satisfaction with the campus experience despite limited resources. Today’s college students and their parents expect a supportive campus environment and specialized learning experiences, and encountering long lines and packed waiting rooms can be a reason for a decrease in student satisfaction.

Having routine meetings with college advisors is a critical part of planning a student’s college coursework. Students can quickly become discouraged and unsure about their academic choices when they can’t quickly and efficiently meet with advising staff.

On the flip side, college advisors can often feel pulled in multiple directions trying to schedule students, meet with students, and working around appointments that a student may cancel at the last minute. It can be a frustrating and inefficient system for advisors and students. But fortunately, queue management software can help solve those problems and allow advisors to meet with more students through optimizing wait times. Here are four ways using the Qless queue management system will empty your campus’s waiting rooms and improve student satisfaction:

1. Virtual Queues

Eliminate lines of students and packed waiting rooms by deploying virtual queues. The Qless appointment app allows students the opportunity to register for advisor meetings without having to stand in long lines. When Qless is incorporated into your college’s website, the student can book their appointments online and receive alerts as their time approaches.

An advisor meets with a student virtually.

2. Eliminate Wait Times and Empty Waiting Rooms

Because students no longer need to wait in a line or a waiting room for their turn to meet with an advisor, they can use that time for activities they want to pursue, such as grabbing something to eat, studying at the library, attending class or participating in clubs or sports. Not having to wait in line makes everyone happier and more efficient.

3. Improve Services

The Qless system incorporates automated SMS surveys designed to gather data about the student’s experience and collect feedback. This information can provide administrators with valuable insights for improving campus services and enhancing student satisfaction.

4. Enhance Students’ College Experience

Deploying Qless’ queue management system allowed Broward College students to remotely schedule all appointments for admissions, financial assistance, course registration, and academic advising. With students no longer waiting in long lines to access the services they needed, they could increase their chances for academic success and spend more of the time doing things they needed or wanted to do. Visit our Broward College case study to learn more.

Two college students study together outside.

Ready to Empty Waiting Rooms and Banish Long Lines?

Qless makes it easy to manage campus appointments, as students “get in line” virtually to meet with their advisors and are notified on their smartphone when it’s time to head over to their advisor’s office. If you’re looking for best practices to improve your college’s student experience while observing COVID-19 regulations, contact Qless today to get a product demo. You’ll be happy to discover how queue management software can benefit your institution and improve student satisfaction rates.