Greg from Mobile Mixed, emailed us yesterday, after interviewing Alex (our CEO), expressing surprise at the amount of time people spend waiting in line:

Did you know that if you added up all the time you wait in lines it would total 2 years?

Crazy right? That’s a lot of waiting…and wasted time.

In his own words:

I’m joined by Alex Backer of Qless. They created a mobile solution that helps businesses create mobile lines and waiting rooms and the results have been AMAZING!

He shares some crazy facts about how lines worked ages ago and how they have evolved into today.


This episode is a classic case that mobile, when used right can disrupt processes we’ve used for decades.

That means saving our employees time, making our customers happier and even making more money.

If you work with smaller businesses that typically have a line or waiting room…think restaurants, doctors, casinos, supermarkets, retail and more…you may want to check this out!

I hope you enjoy!

We want to thank Greg for his words, for the mention in the blog, but especially congratulate him for this new phase and challenge in Mobile Mixed.

We are looking forward to get his books about “SMS (text message marketing)” and “mobilizing your website”.

Congratulations Greg!