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If you run a business that frequently gets long lines of customers, you’re probably used to managing chaotic situations, irritable customers, and frustrated employees as a result. But what if there was a better way to manage your lines? Forget about queue line ropes, ‘take a number’ systems, and restaurant-style pagers. These are soon to be relics of the past. Now, we have the option of a revolutionary get in line app.

Manage Congested Lines 

QLess gives customers the option to immediately join a queue line through a kiosk in your business or by using their mobile device. Once they secure a spot in line, they will receive a text or voice message letting them know how many people are ahead of them and how long their approximate wait time is. From there, they are free to move about wherever they want while they wait, whether that is inside your place of business, outside, in their car, or at nearby businesses. They will receive more notifications as they move up in line and get updated wait times. When it is close to their turn to be served, the get in line app will ask them if they need more time. When they reply yes, they are moved back in the queue instead of starting over from the very beginning. 

Enhance Customer Experiences

An electronic queue management system helps keep people happy while they wait. When customers have to wait for a long time in one place with nothing to do, they can easily become irritated and dissatisfied with their experience in your business. They can even grow to dread needing your services. The QLess get in line app gives people the chance to be more productive with their time while in line. Instead of aimlessly staring at the posters in the DMV, they can go for a walk and get some daily exercise. While they wait for a great deal on a cell phone, they can browse other shops nearby. Whatever the situation may be, you can be sure your customers will be more satisfied with your service if they are given the freedom to go places.

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When your customers are happier with your services, they leave good reviews for your business which builds your reputation and helps draw more customers to you. Bad reviews can be detrimental to a business, driving away new customers and sending your profits plummeting. Once a bad review has been posted, there is nothing you can do but try to improve the quality of your services so it doesn’t happen again. 

Help Your Employees Work More Efficiently

Your business couldn’t run without employees, so you try to do your best to keep quality workers satisfied with their jobs and working efficiently. A get in line app makes happy customers, and your employees want to serve positive customers, not ones that will take their frustration and aggravation out on them. 

The dashboard can show tellers how many people are in line, what services they need, who is being served now, who has been summoned for service, and who is a no-show. Real-time data helps keep employees from getting overwhelmed. Electronic queue management systems reduce the number of walk-outs with a user-friendly system that doesn’t alienate the customer. And, a get in line app can boost staff productivity by up to 90%. 

Use Data and Analytics to Improve Methods and Promotions 

key feature of QLess is that it provides business owners with powerful customer data in easy to read graphs and reports that include no-show rates, return rates, outcomes, transaction types, and service duration. With the analytics provided, you can learn your customer’s buying habits and preferences, anticipate peak periods, tailor sales and promotions, and make more informed decisions for your business.

Another handy benefit of our electronic queue management system is that it can send notifications to people waiting in line about your current sales and deals. With other sales advertisements, there is a good chance it might get overlooked and ignored. When sending the alert through the get in line app, you can be fairly positive it will be noticed. After all, they should be checking their phones eagerly anticipating that they will soon be next in the queue.

The features don’t stop there! Once your customer has completed their service with your business, you have the option to immediately send them a short customer satisfaction survey. Instead of sending your survey to their email address within a day or two, which is the typical delivery method for most companies, your survey will be sent to their phone right away. Surveys that are delivered sooner are more likely to be completed. And, you will have access to reports that detail and summarize all of your customer survey data for your convenience.

Popular Industries for a Get in Line App


Department of Motor Vehicles offices are a prime example of how a get in line app can improve a business. Everyone dreads a visit to the DMV and employees are used to elevated situations that need diffusing. Some DMV locations even employ the use of bulletproof glass and metal screens to protect their employees from irate customers. Imagine a world where you can sign in at the DMV and leave the building to go anywhere during your projected hour and a half wait. When you return and you’re up next for service, you will be satisfied that you were productive with your wait time. And, DMV workers no longer have to feel the anxious stares from a room full of ornery customers. They would be better able to focus on the customer they are currently serving.   

Higher Education

Colleges are notorious for having certain times of the year where lines are crazy. Some of these times include registering for classes, signing up for financial aid, purchasing textbooks and supplies, and scheduling appointments. Using your college’s website, their mobile phone, or a kiosk, students can enter a virtual queue. Employees can push students’ appointments to less busy times of the day. When your students have a better experience, they leave good reviews and tell others, increasing the reputation and reach of your institution.  

Government Offices

Like DMVs, government offices can have very long wait times. The longer the wait time is, the more chance your customers will become fussy, dissatisfied, and frustrated. And, they will be more likely to take it out on others, whether it is your business’s online presence or the employees. A get in line app will create calmer customers, more productive employees, and better reviews.  


An electronic queue management system can help logistics companies by offering a better platform for scheduling and managing large scale processes in areas like human resource procedures and manufacturing operations. Help keep your processing times low and your logistics procedures running smoothly by offering a centralized system. Our QLess dashboard offers a lean management approach to help lower costs and improve efficiency. 


Retail businesses can have high line volumes any time of the year, like when they are running big sales, during the holidays, and before impending weather. The get in line app is the perfect way to manage lines in retail businesses. While your customers are waiting to be checked out, they can browse the store and pick up additional items. Use the queue app to sell more goods with higher ticket prices than the candy and gum that lines register stations. 


While healthcare facilities are equipped with some of the biggest and fanciest waiting rooms, most people don’t like waiting in them with people who are possibly ill. Every cough and sneeze released by other patients makes us cringe. Healthcare offices often reek of an unpleasant antiseptic odor. If patients had the chance to wait anywhere for their doctor’s appointment, the majority of patients would not be in the waiting room. An electronic queue management system gives your patients the freedom they crave.

The QLess electronic queue management system is great for many other industries with long lines as well. Veterinarian officesbankscall centerscasinosmarajuana dispensariesrestaurantsshooting ranges, and theme parks are prime examples of where a line management app is beneficial. Read our success stories to hear from others who love the QLess get in line app.

The future of customer line management is here. Start improving your customers’ experiences, your employees’ productivity, your analytics, and your business’s reputation with our get in line app. Contact us today to request a free business demo.