It has long been known that the average shopper in a retail environment like a shopping mall spends about USD$1.5 per minute (see also this whitepaper).

Per trip, the average lifestyle center expenditure at retail stores was $75.66. Including food and drink, the average expenditure per trip at a lifestyle center totaled $79.80, yielding a productivity rate of $84.00 per hour.

But until now, whether giving people more of their time made them spend more minute was unknown. No longer. Qless conducted a study with a Fortune 500 retailer comparing Qless stores during 90 days both with the same stores before Qless was launched, and with control stores during the same period.

Here are the results:

  • 77% of staff wants to continue using Qless
  • 77% of staff thinks Qless is easy to use
  • 88% of staff thinks Qless is useful
  • 88% of staff thinks Qless support has been good or very good
  • Staff comments were very positive and included: ” With some improvements this could be one of the best changes to our company in a long time. Much less stressful for our staff = better customer satisfaction and staff leaders”
  • 29% increase in positive guest comments about the wait experience
  • 22% decrease in negative guest comments about the wait experience
  • 34% decrease in guest comments about understaffing/capacity limitations
  • Average conversion rate increase of guest to paying customer in Qless stores vs control weighted by category profitability: 7% (up to 12% for some categories)
  • Average conversion rate increase of guest to paying customer during Qless use vs before weighted by category profitability: 29% (up to 55% for some categories)
  • Sales went up for 3 out of 4 categories with respect to control stores
  • 90-day ROI: 771%

Let your guests go Qless. Give your guests the gift of time, and they will love you for it. What goes around, comes around.

Qless eliminates waiting in line by letting guest join a mobile, virtual, interactive queue, then get notified on their phone and/or Qless Queue Monitors when their turn arrives.