a wide shot view of a government building

Hallmarks of Excellent Public Service & Government Facilities

All government facilities have the potential to improve. Certain hallmarks point to successful public service and government agencies. Above all else, they prioritize the citizens in their jurisdictions. The employees within know that they’re there to serve the public. With that in mind, it helps to recognize what it takes to make a facility rise from average or good to excellent. QLess can help your government office to achieve them.

Prioritizing the Citizen Experience

Making citizens a priority is one of the most fundamental hallmarks of excellence in government facilities. These are the people whom you serve, after all, and their needs must always be met. It’s crucial to prioritize those needs as much as possible.

One way to do that is to make it easier for your citizens to reach out to your office. You might consider appointment software, for example, or queue management. That allows citizens to make appointments on their own; rather than waiting in line and hoping for the best, they can simply show up at the appointed time. Employees can use this software to let people know if the office is running behind schedule or if their appointment will occur on time.

Providing Helpful Resources

Your citizens need resources, regardless of the facility at which you work. Whether it’s city hall or the social services department, people need to know what services are available at the facility, as well as what’s required of them. If, for example, a visitor needs specific paperwork or forms of ID, it’s helpful for them to know that ahead of time. You can use QLess to encourage citizens to make appointments while providing them with resources that explain what they should bring with them. Preparing your visitors will give your branch of public service government a reputation for being prepared, supportive, and a joy to do business with.

Effective Time Management

Time management is vital in government facilities. Even if you work in public service, you’ve likely visited another facility and experienced the long lines and seemingly unending wait times for yourself. It happens often in government, where many areas lack funding and sufficient staff. It leaves employees harried, constantly trying to catch up with the queue, while citizens waiting in line feel frustrated and impatient.

To improve your time management, your office can incorporate a helpful management platform that invites citizens to make virtual appointments. They can visit the office right at the time of their appointment rather than waiting in line. Employees can check to see how many appointments they have, how many visitors they’ll be seeing, and what those visitors need. That will allow them to allocate and delegate as necessary while pouring all of their resources into the citizens who come into the office.

Can you use the QLess system in your government facility? Watch a demo to learn more about the benefits, then give us a call to discuss your needs.