The global COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged higher education. Students’ health and safety concerns have led to enrollment and attendance declines at most colleges. The decline in higher education enrollment has put many colleges in a dire financial position. According to the President of the American Council of Education, the coronavirus pandemic has cost universities at least $120 billion.

Adopting public health measures and new technologies on campus to mitigate the spread of the disease can reassure students of your college’s safety during the pandemic, boosting your enrollment and retention rates. The implementation of smart technologies, such as class and course scheduling software, helps promote social distancing on campus, creating a safer environment for your employees and students.

Using smart technologies such as Qless’s appointment scheduling and queue management software for college campuses can help your institution develop a reputation for promoting campus safety, increasing your college’s revenue during the global pandemic.

What is an Online Class Scheduling System?

An online class scheduling system is software that enables students to register for courses and schedule classes without having to wait in long physical lines or in crowded lobbies to accomplish their tasks. The class scheduling software allows students to schedule an appointment with an advisor and wait in a virtual queue until their appointment is up.

An appointment scheduling and queue management software for colleges helps deliver crucial student services and streamline the process of course and class registration while promoting social distancing on your campus. The provision of efficient student services and a safe campus environment enhances student experience and satisfaction, leading to higher student retention and lower attrition rates in your institution during the coronavirus pandemic.

How Does Class And Course Scheduling Software Work?

Your institution can offer online scheduling services to students through various channels. Students can access appointment scheduling and queue management software like Qless on the campus website, through a smartphone app, or using an on-site kiosk. Using the software, students book an appointment and join a virtual queue until it’s their turn to meet with an advisor.

a student in a plaid shirt checking her phone while doing homework

The software informs students in the virtual queue of their waiting time and place in line via message alerts, notifying students of the time remaining until their appointment is up. Students can reschedule or cancel their appointment anytime they wish as they wait in the remote queue. While waiting in a virtual queue, students can study, have lunch, or attend class until their appointment is up.

Class Scheduling Software Promotes Social Distancing

Course scheduling software eliminates long, physical lines, and crowded lobbies, which helps promote social distancing on campus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people must maintain a distance of six feet between themselves and others to mitigate the spread of a communicable disease.

The implementation of a queue management system on campus helps college administrators to control the number of students that can be physically present in a given location to reduce the risk of contagion on campus. Advanced class scheduling software, such as the Qless solution for higher education, provides real-time data to college staff to help them control student crowds in campus waiting rooms.

Class Scheduling Software Promotes a Safer College Campus

An online class scheduling system creates a safer and healthier campus environment for your staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The system’s remote appointment scheduling and queuing features promote social distancing, reducing the risk of a coronavirus outbreak on campus. A safe and pleasant college campus enhances your reputation, helping increase your student retention and acquisition numbers.

If you want to create a safer and healthier college experience for your staff and students, give us a call. The Qless appointment scheduling and queue management software for college campuses reduces student attrition rates, boosts student satisfaction, and reduces operational inefficiencies, resulting in increased profits for your institution. Contact us now to get a free personalized demo for your campus today.