Without customer feedback, you’re running your business blindly. While measuring the results of sales and calculating profits is helpful, that doesn’t give you a look into the customer’s experience with your business. Only by learning from the customers can you begin to make improvements to your business operations, make repeat customers, and attract new ones. Qless customer feedback software gives you the tools you need to get the whole picture.   

Satisfaction Surveys with High Response Rates

There are many different ways you can collect feedback from customers. You can email them satisfaction surveys, talk with them, or wait for online reviews to be posted. Talking with customers only gives you a small piece of the big picture and once negative online reviews are posted, it hurts your reputation and can scare potential customers away. Emailing satisfaction surveys is a good approach, but customers often don’t respond. Qless customer feedback software gives you the perfect delivery method for satisfaction surveys — text message surveys that are sent directly to customers’ cell phones immediately after service. This method has a high return rate that gives you a clear understanding of the customer experience.

When You Get the Feedback, Take Action

When businesses fail, it’s often because they didn’t take action to improve business processes. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and continue business as it has always been done. Once you start getting customer feedback with the Qless software, you’ll easily be able to tell what customers liked about their service experience or what they didn’t. If customers complain about wait times, then it could be time to hire extra help or create an incentive program to motivate your current employees. Whatever the issue is, strive to correct it as quickly as possible so it doesn’t continue to drive customers away. Qless customer feedback software gives you the tools you need to start improving business processes.

A cheerful employee in front of a computer inside a business

Better Experiences Equals Positive Reviews

Online reviews have a huge effect on a business’s reputation. These days, most customers read reviews on companies, products, and services, before they purchase. Negative online reviews can drive customers away before they ever step foot in your place of business. When you use the Qless customer feedback software to improve the customer service experience, positive reviews will follow and customers will return to your business. Word-of-mouth advertising is also still important in today’s world, and people recommend businesses to others if they’ve had a good experience.

Features for a Range of Industries

Along with data collection, Qless software also features queue management and appointment scheduling technology. Queue management lets your customers wait in virtual lines, and the appointment scheduling software automates the booking and confirmation process. All of the features and benefits of Qless customer feedback software make for a better customer experience that will help grow your business. Find out how Qless works for many different industries. Contact us today for a free demo.