What Is Customer Experience Design?

Customer experience (CX) design is the process of optimizing your customers’ journey and experience through all stages of the conversion funnel. Well-executed CX uses customer-focused tactics to support and exceed expectations at every touchpoint. Think about a business or brand you’ve recently engaged with. How did you discover them? Social media, digital or traditional advertising, word of mouth, or referral? There are many different reasons why customers connect with a business, brand, or organization and how that relationship changes over time.

Customers will develop their opinions of your business’s services or products through various channels and touchpoints. Some of these will be online or via social media, and others may be through real-time, face-to-face interactions. Every touchpoint provides an opportunity for your business to impress customers and cultivate their loyalty. Successful companies are always on the lookout for strategies to enhance the touchpoint experience.

Integrating Your Customer Experience Design with Qless

A woman checking her phone while clothes shoppingQless is a queue management and appointment scheduling system that enhances your business’s customer experience design by eliminating the need to wait in line. Qless integrates into a business’ website and allows customers to join a virtual queue and receive a notification on their mobile device as their appointment time approaches.

There are six ways queue management benefits your customer experience design:

1. Eliminates waiting in line: With Qless, wait times are shortened up to 97%.

2. Reduces customers walking away because of perceived wait times: Implementing a queue management system is shown to reduce walkaways up to 75%.

3. Optimized productivity and staff efficiency: Qless gives staff the power to manage customer flow with less effort throughout the day. The result is an average of 90% improvement in productivity.

4. Cuts complaints and improves a business’ reputation: Efficient scheduling allows your customer to take control of their time. Qless businesses indicate a 100% improvement in customer satisfaction.

5. Offers valuable business intelligence through customizable data reports: Smart businesses use key performance indicators to improve conversions and customer service. Qless offers in-depth details and real-time analytics to help you make essential decisions on the fly and longer-term planning. Detailed analytics can help you optimize for success during all times of the year, including those times when you’re busiest.

6. Enhances customer engagement at all stages of the conversion funnel: A queue management system provides two-way communication between staff and customers. By offering this level of customer communication, no-show rates were cut by 20%. The Qless survey tool also allows you to gather real-time feedback — which immediately offers insight into what is working well and what needs to be improved upon.

A woman sitting at an outdoor restaurant

Create a Successful Customer Experience Design with Qless

Successful businesses know that optimizing their customers’ journey through the conversion funnel is essential to growing and maintaining customer loyalty. If you’ve decided it’s time to give a boost to your CX practices with queue management and appointment scheduling, contact Qless today.