Every business, no matter what industry you’re in, can benefit from insights about their inner workings. Knowledge is power if you apply it to make positive changes. Unfortunately, some businesses are flying blind, unaware of issues with their existing customer service practices. Qless queue management software makes it easy to measure business metrics and analytics so you can enhance the customer experience. The following examples are ways you can utilize the data.
1. Customer Habits
2. Feedback for Customer Satisfaction
3. Customized Promotions
4. Employee Tracking and Incentives
5. Identify Weak Areas

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Customer Habits

Qless works by letting customers join a virtual queue through an app. The app collects information from each customer, including their phone number, transaction types, how many times they frequent your business, and other data. You’ll be able to better predict busy periods, buying trends, and customer habits.

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Feedback for Customer Satisfaction

Once your customers have completed their transactions and left the virtual queue, the Qless software sends satisfaction surveys directly to their cell phones via text message. Text message surveys have a high rate of completion, giving you the most accurate way to measure customer experience metrics. Feedback that comes directly from the people you serve provides valuable information that you can use to make improvements to the way you do business. Take every tidbit and suggestion into consideration with an open mind. These customer experience analytics directly from users will let you know how to improve your business processes for future transactions.

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Customized Promotions

When you get to know your customers through the metrics and data, you can enhance their experience with promotions that are tailored just for them. If you run a sale on products few customers are interested in, your promotion isn’t going to be very successful. When you figure out the best selling services and goods, you can advertise specials that effectively draw people in. The Qless app lets you market your promos directly to the database of customer cell phone numbers that it collects.

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Employee Tracking and Incentives

Qless not only tracks customer experience metrics, but it also gives you analytics on your employees. You’ll be able to see how long they’ve spent attending to each customer, feedback about how they treated customers, communications they’ve sent using the Qless app, and more. You can use this data to create baseline standards and even employee incentive programs to boost efficiency and promote excellent customer service.

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Identify Weak Areas

All of the information collected by the Qless app is a means of identifying weak spots in business operations and finding ways to correct and strengthen those areas. Though you’ll have all the data you’ll need to grow your customer base, retain current customers, market effectively, and improve your workforce, you’ll need to use your management team to brainstorm plans that will effectively address the issues.
Give your team the customer experience metrics and tools they need to create better experiences within your business. The Qless app is a simple solution that fully automates the collection of valuable data. With access to easy-to-read graphs and reports, progress meetings at work will be something to look forward to. Contact us today for a free demo about how the Qless app can work for your industry.