patrons in front of a bank

A customer experience map is an essential tool for any business. Some businesses use it to analyze the customer journey through an email marketing campaign or to figure out how visitors behave on an eCommerce website. Other businesses find that experience maps are helpful to put together a customer wait time analysis. Waiting time is among the top complaints that customers have. No one enjoys waiting in line. That goes for retail stores, doctors’ offices, dental offices, banks, college campuses, and many more. Rather than leaving customer satisfaction up to chance, you can use QLess to analyze how your customers behave, what makes them happy, and where they want to see improvements.

Pinpoint High Traffic Times

Every business has high traffic times. Those are times when they tend to see a crush of customers or visitors. At a bank, for example, the hours between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm typically have the highest volume because people stop by during their lunch breaks. Because of the crush of customers, however, tellers can quickly get behind schedule, especially since they may be trying to take a lunch break, as well. As a result, patrons end up waiting far longer than they intended, which results in frustration and low customer satisfaction.

QLess can help overcome this challenge in several ways. For starters, you can use QLess queue management software to let customers join the line virtually. The app will let them know exactly when a teller will be ready for them, so they can “wait” wherever they want and arrive right on time, without having to wait at all. You can also use the data analysis provided by our software to analyze those rush hours with a customer experience map, which will help you prepare for them in the future.

Evaluate the Efficiency of Your Employees

Assembling a customer wait time analysis can also help you evaluate the efficiency of the employees who are on the clock. They might not be using their time to their best advantage through no fault of their own. If they’re struggling to fulfill all their responsibilities or to satisfy a crush of customers, then some of their duties may slip through the cracks. QLess gives them the ability to see when customers are coming in so that they can plan their day and ensure they have time for all of their responsibilities.

Find out Where Customers Get Held up

Do you have a problem with customers who never make it to the final step? A customer experience map can let you know exactly why that happens. When you sign up for QLess, you can use the program to figure out when and why your customers are leaving. Since the program also allows you to send out messages, you can reach out to visitors directly to find out why they leave without completing their purchases or choosing your services.

Learn more about how customer wait time analysis can help you. Contact QLess to find out how our software can help you develop a customer experience map to improve your business.