Higher education administrators are under immense pressure to not only grow the breadth and depth of the education their students are receiving but also improving the experiences of everyone on their campus. Events of all kinds, special guests and speakers, a variety of food choices, great public spaces, and many other amenities have been added to the toolbox over the years to make students, faculty, and staff happier. But the one thing that has been an ever-present scourge to school campuses has been the line. School administration software has the ability to overcome these issues and make events run more efficiently.

There are so many opportunities for lines on campus: administration offices, counselor offices, financial aid, registrar, and so on. That also means there are just as many opportunities to utilize school administration software to reduce the time people spend waiting in lines and improve everyone’s overall experience. Here are a few ways technology like Qless can improve a campus.

Improve Student Satisfaction with Technology

A major push for administrators is to improve the student experience outside of the classroom. A way to dramatically improve student satisfaction and experience is to reduce unnecessary lines around campus.

Long lines reflect negatively on an institution. They convey a lack of operational efficiency and can reduce the overall satisfaction of the people who are waiting in those lines. With school administration software like Qless, a campus is able to replace lines with automated appointments.

Instead of having to queue up in a long line, students are able to book an appointment with the person or department they are needing to meet with. They will get put into a digital queue and the system will send an estimated wait time to their mobile. Updates will continue to come to their phone so they can do other things while waiting. When they show up for their appointment, they are able to walk right in without having to wait in line.

This system allows students to feel more productive with their day and makes their time dealing with their appointments more enjoyable. The system also keeps the offices from getting congested, making the experience more pleasant for staff and students.

Effectively Manage Staff and Provide Better Service

Schools using administration software are able to provide better service and effectively manage staff to accommodate surges in visits. Knowing when students are planning on coming in to take care of their business allows management to prepare with staffing changes if necessary.

Qless also allows staff to spread out visits by giving them the ability to steer students to less busy times of the day. This feature alone is able to reduce service bottlenecks and improve staff morale by keeping the chaos to a minimum and creating a more steady stream of visitors rather than unpredictable bursts.

The system has tools that equip staff to better focus on the needs of the people they are meeting with. This reduces stress on the staff, helping them serve better, and improving the overall experience for everyone. Qless captures pre-visit information so staff is able to give great service by knowing the details of and preparing for the nature of the visit.

Realtime feedback is another important aspect of a school administration software program. This feature allows the administration to get an understanding of what students feel is working and not working with programs on campus.

Get Insights and Plan Better with Data

Systems like Qless provide administrators with useful data and reports that will allow for better planning. Using data is key to efficient staff allocation and planning for busy times.

School administration software reports give a visual representation of traffic, meeting requests, and busy times, making it easier to anticipate when there are likely to be more visitors. This knowledge allows management to have more people available to help when heavy traffic is anticipated and fewer people when there are fewer visitors. Being able to predict traffic with reports can significantly optimize costs.

With the right staffing level, people are able to be served more effectively. This will improve student satisfaction, employee morale, and effectiveness of service.

While there are many programs available that offer this service, Qless is one of the only to fully integrate it with the rest of your line software. You can seamlessly switch between looking at event attendance, using email capture lists, and learning about the demographics of your event attendees. By using Qless, extremely valuable data instantly becomes more accessible. School campuses, no matter how large, can gain effective insight into which events are performing the best and what they can do to improve them.

Everyone hates waiting in line. It’s an unproductive waste of time that is frustrating for the people in line and stressful for the people helping those in line. Lines have been a necessary evil until now. With the advent of school administration software like Qless, lines are a thing of the past. Book your Qless demo now.