In every casino, the goal should be to maximize players’ time at the slots and tables. The more time they spend occupied on the floor, the greater your profits will be. But hotel check-ins, buffet lines, restaurant waiting times, and crowded gambling tables slow down the flow. Learn how to create a customer experience transformation for your casino with a new level of great customer service. These five steps will up your game and give you an edge against the competition.
1. Update Your Technology
2. Disperse People from Hotel Check-in Lines
3. Simplify Restaurant Reservations
4. Create Virtual Queues for Packed Tables
5. Analyze the Data and Feedback

A hand holding a cell phone

Update Your Technology

Casinos are always looking for the newest games that will entertain and draw in the crowds. While new tech in games is always a good idea, did you ever consider utilizing an app that streamlines your customers’ access to all your different services? Making it easy for customers to move from one part of your casino to another, all in one convenient app, creates a customer experience transformation that provides greater ease and simplicity. The Qless app lets customers join virtual lines for services with a wait time, freeing them to roam about the casino floor and make use of other services in the meantime.

A hotel lobby reception desk

Disperse People from Hotel Check-in Lines

As soon as guests enter the casino, they’re forced to wait in hotel check-in lines while they stare longingly at the commotion on the floor. Instead of making them wait for extended periods in a crowded lobby, why not give them what they want? The Qless app can place them into a virtual queue and let them disperse. As their turn to check in approaches, the app sends them text and voice alerts. And, if they happen to be on a winning streak, they can request more time to finish their business before they get checked in.

An empty table in a fancy restaurant

Simplify Restaurant Reservations

With the Qless app, it’s easy to make a restaurant reservation or join a virtual queue to wait for a table. This casino customer service transformation lets your clients continue to experience the buzz while they wait. Or, they can book their reservation at any time on the app. Convenient cell phone notifications help keep people on track and direct them to the restaurant when the time is near, reducing the number of no-shows. No time is wasted, and customers are happier. Nothing breeds frustration faster than a lack of distraction when your belly is rumbling.

People using a craps table

Create Virtual Queues for Packed Tables

Sure, watching a table full of serious game players can be thrilling when you’re waiting for a seat at a craps or card table, but you want your customers to have the option to wait at the slots as well. Creating virtual queues for your tables helps keep them full. This is another area of casino service transformation where an app to benefit your customers’ experience can make profits boom.

A laptop with graphs and data displayed

Analyze the Data and Feedback

Once you have the Qless app implemented into all areas of your casino, you’ll immediately start collecting invaluable data. You’ll learn about your customers’ habits and gambling frequency, turnaround times for restaurants, customer feedback on employee and casino services, and more. Your management team will be able to analyze the new information and fine-tune adjustments to how all aspects of the casino are run.
Get started on your casino customer experience transformation today with the Qless app. Contact us to request a free demo and learn more about the features and benefits.