How to Create the Ultimate Waiting Room With a No Wait App

Waiting rooms are familiar in many businesses. From the doctor’s office waiting room that is filled with magazines, fake flowers, and potentially contagious patients, to the DMV waiting room stuffed with hard, uncomfortable benches and chairs, to the car dealership’s little waiting room featuring really old coffee and magazine issues from years ago. For over a century, we have become accustomed to it and no innovations have been made to this system. With the dawn of the age of smartphones in almost every person’s pocket, new technology is revolutionizing the way we think about waiting. With the QLess no wait app, congested waiting rooms are a thing of the past.

Empowering the Customer

While some waiting rooms are on the nicer side with free amenities like a modern coffee machine that offers different choices of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, vending machines that give you options of snacks and cold beverages, free WiFi, and cable TV in which customers can change the channel, none of this compares to letting the customer choose how and where they want to wait. The QLess no wait app lets customers decide what to do with their spare time. Because everybody has different preferences, some may want to use their wait time to kill two birds with one stone and knock out some other errands. Others may want to get a real meal versus snacks from a vending machine. Active people can use their wait time to go for walk, or non-active people may want to take a nap in their car (or even at home) before it’s their turn.

An empty healthcare waiting room

Choice Equals Higher Satisfaction Rates

When people are given a choice with the no wait app, customer satisfaction rates go through the roof. Think of the DMV as a prime example of a business that is notorious for having long, arduous wait times. Customers can get stuck waiting to renew their license or register a vehicle for hours on end while they stare at signs prohibiting the use of cell phones. The longer customers wait, the more agitated and dissatisfied they become. This agitation has a trickle-down effect that can cause a lot of people to become testy and downright rude when interacting with the employees, leading to poor satisfaction rates for both the customers and the employees.

Now, imagine a DMV that uses the no wait app. Customers can virtually get in line before they leave their homes, or they can check in using an on-site kiosk at the DMV. From that point, they can do whatever they want to until they are summoned for service. Customers are happy because their time hasn’t been wasted and they are in a good mood when interacting with employees. Employees don’t have to deal with managing congested waiting rooms, and they have a better overall experience at work, which can help business owners hold on to good workers. That means good, positive, reputation-building online reviews from both the customers and employees.

How the QLess No Wait App Works

We know what you’re thinking, it all sounds too good to be true. The QLess no wait app is simply a new technology that makes complete sense when you consider that almost everyone is connected at the hip with their smartphone. To join a business’s queue, all the customer needs to do is download the app or use an onsite kiosk. Once they enter the queue, the customer will receive text or voice messages that tell them what position they are in the line and what their approximate wait time is. As they move up in line, the app will send them notifications to alert them about new wait times.

Option to Ask For More Time

The no wait app lets customers browse your business for more merchandise, grab lunch, visit nearby shops, or whatever they want to do. Let’s say a customer decided to get lunch, but the restaurant is taking much longer to deliver their food than was anticipated. Halfway through their meal, the app alerts them that the service window is drawing near and asks if they need more time. Instead of scarfing down their food, they can reply that they do need extra time, and the app moves them further back in the queue. They don’t have to start the line over from the very beginning, and they can finish their meal in peace.

Promo Features

As the customer waits, business owners have the option to send them notifications through the app about current sales and promotions. Because the customer is already checking their cell phone for alerts about the wait times, you can bet they will have better exposure to your promotion than what you would get with print advertisements. The no wait app also records your customer’s habits and preferences so you can better plan future promotions that are more tailored to their needs.

Customer Surveys

When it’s the customer’s turn, the app summons them for service and gives them directions on what building or specific service window they should head for. After they have completed their services, they are sent a short customer satisfaction survey straight to their mobile device. Return rates for this type of survey are high because the customer receives them immediately, and they are short and to-the-point. Most businesses use email surveys that are sent after the fact, sometimes even a day or later, and these just don’t work as well.

Data & Analytics

One of the best features of QLess is that it records customer surveys, purchase and service types, transaction times, and other important information that can be downloaded into easy to read reports and graphs. Business owners can benefit from this data to find and improve weak areas in their business operations, create custom promos, and make incentive programs for employees. The analytics are an invaluable resource and added bonus of implementing the QLess system.

The QLess no wait app is simple to use and easy to get up and running within a business. Implementing this system is a move that will propel your business into the future and give you an edge against your competition. Contact QLess today to request a free business demo!