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Follow these five simple strategies to implement the digital customer experience transformation your business needs:

Table of Contents

  • Define Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy
  • Reimagine the Customer Journey
  • Get the Right Technologies
  • Develop a Personalized Customer Experience
  • Offer a Seamless Omnichannel Solution

Consumer demand for more convenient services is forcing many businesses to undergo a digital transformation. Digital transformation is the adoption of new technologies to replace traditional manual processes or to upgrade older systems for the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction. Happier customers are more loyal, increase revenues by up to 10%, and reduce your operating costs by up to 25% within three years.

Investing in digital customer experience transformation offers many benefits for businesses. More than 34% of the world’s top 2,000 companies are expected to undergo a full digital transformation within the next 12 months. Other companies, however, still don’t have a plan for digital transformation. Failure to implement a digital transformation strategy will damage your business financially and make it difficult to compete with rival companies.

Implementing a digital customer experience transformation isn’t as difficult as you think. Follow these five simple tips to get started with digital transformation:

1. Define Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy

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As with starting any project or enterprise, you need a comprehensive plan of your long-term strategy. Taking the time to plan an effective strategy will provide a roadmap to guide you through every step of the transformation process. You can start planning an effective digital customer experience transformation strategy by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Where are we now?
  • What is our vision for the future?
  • Who is our target market?
  • What services do our customers value?
  • What are our short- and long-term goals?
  • How are we going to measure success?

2. Reimagine the Customer Journey

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Modern consumers demand convenience at every stage of the shopping journey. A report by the National Retail Federation (NRF) has revealed that more than 97% of consumers will back out of a purchase if it is inconvenient for them. You must reimagine your customer’s journey and identify any bottlenecks in the experience that could be undermining your sales.

Analyze the buying journey a consumer must go through to create an effective digital customer experience transformation strategy. Which procedures in the journey can be digitized to improve customer experience? Are your current appointment scheduling processes too much of a hassle at your organization? An online appointment scheduling software like QLess can help relieve the problem. Do you have too many walkouts because of long queues and large crowds? Queue management technology can help you retain more customers and boost sales.

3. Get the Right Technologies

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In today’s digital age, technology is an influential determinant of business success. You need the right technologies to power your digital customer experience strategy. More than 86 percent of companies believe that technology like QLess is essential for digital customer experience transformation. QLess is a 100 percent web-based technology, allowing seamless integration with all software systems. The right technologies can help your company gain a competitive edge, helping you run a more profitable business.

4. Develop a Personalized Customer Experience

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Connecting with customers can help you build a deeper relationship with your target audience, leading to increased brand loyalty and more sales. Offering a personalized shopping journey is the digital customer experience transformation strategy you need to connect with consumers on a deeper level. Research conducted by Accenture has found that up to 65% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand if the business knows their name, remembers their purchase history, and offers relevant recommendations.

How can you build a more personalized digital customer experience strategy? Using data analytics tools can help you gain valuable information about your customers. Many customer service software systems like QLess have built-in data analytics functionalities. These systems give you data on customer demographics and shopping behavior so you can use the information to create a more personalized digital customer experience transformation strategy.

5. Offer a Seamless Omnichannel Solution

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Modern customers have an unprecedented number of ways to interact with a brand. They can browse products on a brand’s website, shop in a brick-and-mortar store, and engage with your customer service on social media. More than 73% of customers use more than one channel to communicate with a brand in their shopping journey. Businesses must ensure that these omnichannel customers enjoy a seamless experience in every touchpoint with the brand.

Whether in-store or online, you must develop a seamless, omnichannel digital customer experience transformation strategy to appeal to diverse client preferences and maximize sales. The QLess software allows customers to start a transaction with a brand online and continue the journey seamlessly to your on-site premises. These interconnected experiences enhance customer satisfaction and boost your profit margins.

Implement Your Digital Customer Experience Strategy with QLess

The traditional ways of doing business will no longer cut it if you want to run a successful enterprise in the digital age. You must embrace digital transformation to appeal to modern consumers and compete with other brands.

Developing a strategic plan and using the right technologies can kickstart your digital transformation journey. Contact us to learn more about QLess or request a business demo to experience how the technology can facilitate your digital customer experience transformation strategy.