How to Improve Customer Service in the Airline Industry | 4 Steps


In recent years, airlines across the U.S. have experienced tremendous growth as both domestic and international flights see an increased number of travelers. Unfortunately, despite the skyrocketing profits, most of them have neglected the customer experience, especially for the day-to-day economy class traveler. Customers want to feel valued and expect a smooth and easy travel experience.

From overlooked customer needs to fragmented experiences, the airline industry faces numerous challenges and must go an extra mile to rebuild customer trust and improve brand reputation. The solution lies in understanding how to improve customer service in the airline industry, from the moment a customer books a flight until they arrive safely at their final destination.

There’s a lot to be done, but here are four important steps to consider:

Provide an Omnichannel Customer Experience

Up to 64% of airline customers say that the customer service experience should move seamlessly from one key communication point to another. While this is expected with all the resources that profitable airlines have, it’s far from the truth. Only 27% of airline executives follow through with this key aspect of customer service.

Providing an omnichannel customer experience can improve airline customer service. Travelers want quick and easy access to customer service. We all know the rush that comes with racing against the clock to make a flight. The last thing that customers want is to waste time trying to get help.

A dedicated and reliable airline contact center that customers can contact to via phone, web chat, text, or through an app can save your customers a lot of frustration. Don’t forget about social media. Ensure you have an active presence on platforms like Twitter and be quick to answer queries and offer assistance.

Build Relationships With Your Customers

With an omnichannel approach to customer service, you can build better relationships with your airline customers. This is a critical step in understanding how to improve customer service in the airline industry. Here are some ideas that go beyond offering incentives and Frequent Flyer Programmes.

  • Take a passenger-first approach
  • Focus on knowing your target audiences
  • Always listen, then talk
  • Meet specific and unique customer needs
  • Engage customers in a variety of ways
  • Create a bond with them throughout the entire journey
  • Make smart customer-targetted decisions based on data

You’ll want to look beyond the transactions and monetary value you’re getting from having more flying customers. Instead, place more emphasis on the lifeline value of each customer and what they mean to your business. The ultimate goal is to ensure your customers choose you as the preferred lifetime airline. This means they can trust you to deliver a consistent level of customer service quality, every time.

Give Power to the Customer

If you want to know how to improve customer service in the airline industry, then this next tip is for you. Give power to your customers. As you engage more with them, give them the power to decide how they will engage with you and to what degree. For instance, first class and business class customers have a mindset of comfort and luxurious pampering, so they’ll likely engage strongly with your service providers. On the other end, some travelers simply want a stress-free travel experience without much bother.

Consider each type of customer. Design experiences that leverage their unique needs. Again, making it easy for customers to address their various concerns, from tracking a checked back to selecting a seat, or even being able to communicate fast with a customer service agent is critical in ensuring a pleasant and seamless customer experience.

Empower Your Customer Service Employees

Your customer service employees are the backbone of your overall customer service experience. Even with the best efforts to improve customer service, it’s important to equip your team with the tools, technology, and information they need to manage customer concerns and queries. Implementing a virtual queueing management software like QLess can reduce the most chaotic airport lines, like those experienced during flight delays, to a well-managed, ordered experience.

Deploying a queue management solution helps you create a more orderly approach to customer service. Your customers will receive notifications on their phones as their turn approaches and arrive just in time for the service they need. This is a convenient and flexible option for your customers. They can choose to wait in the lobby, take some coffee, or do as they may choose as they wait their turn with no hassles of dealing with long queues.

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