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Retail stores are always looking to improve each stage of the customer journey because they want to create an enjoyable, exciting, and welcoming shopping environment. One of the best ways to improve customer retention is to have a detailed plan for engaging customers at each stage of their journey. Queue management software plays a vital role in each of the five customer journey stages:

  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Pre-Sale Consideration
  3. Purchasing
  4. Customer Retention
  5. Brand Advocacy 

How to Improve Customer Retention with Qless

Qless is a queue management and customer feedback system that enhances each stage of the customer journey by boosting satisfaction and eliminating the need to wait in line. Qless can be accessed via a convenient mobile app and allows shoppers to join a virtual queue when they need assistance or are ready to check out with their purchases.

Here is how queue management fits into each customer journey stage:

  1. Brand Awareness

Awareness is a discovery stage where your target customer learns about your brand. This is where you need to make your unique value propositions such as personal shoppers, concierge services, online appointment scheduling, and easy communication with sales associates to help generate interest and bring customers to your door.

  1. Pre-sale Consideration

This stage involves weighing options, considering pricing, and investigating brand and product features and benefits. Each customer will have unique questions and needs, so offering accessible and flexible support, both online and in-store, will ensure your business comes out ahead. 

Customer purchasing by credit card.

  1. Purchasing

Once the customer makes their purchase, you want to show them how much you value their business. Queue management software like Qless can help you welcome them and ask for feedback about their shopping experiences. This level of bi-directional communication acknowledges their importance and helps to move them to the next customer journey stage. 

  1. Customer Retention

In the world of retail, it is more profitable to keep a customer than it is to continuously look for new ones. Businesses can improve customer retention through ongoing quality improvement. Regular communication with the customer is key to developing their loyalty. With a queue management system, a simple SMS questionnaire can be sent to a customer’s phone, and responses immediately analyzed to provide store management and staff with valuable business intelligence. 

  1. Brand Advocacy

If you have handled all the previous customer journey stages correctly, your brand will be on the fast track to attracting influencers who gladly spread the word about your products. At this stage, queue management software can help you offer rewards and incentives such as advanced bookings, concierge services, or personal shoppers to ensure these brand advocates are given VIP treatment. 

Are You Ready to Improve Customer Retention?

Qless seamlessly integrates with your website or kiosk platform and significantly boosts customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for best practices to improve customer retention, contact Qless today for a product demo. You’ll be pleased to learn how queue management software can benefit your customers and help you reach your sales and marketing goals.