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Post-COVID Days Are Here. Here’s How to Provide a Safe In-Store Experience for Retail in Four Crucial Steps:

  1. Go Digital and Merge the Online and In-Store Experience
  2. Support Customer Loyalty
  3. Repurpose Store as a Showroom
  4. Sell Differently with Personal Shopping, Special Events, and Concierge Services

The In-Store Experience for Retail is About to Change

The impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on the retail sector is unprecedented and significant. As business restrictions are rolled back throughout the country and stores create policies and procedures for reopening, retail managers need to be conscientious of the perspectives and needs of customers and store staff. Retail re-openings that emphasize digital technologies to ease the transition may enhance the customer experience.

Qless: Queue Management Technology for a Safe, In-Store Experience for Retailers

Qless provides a queue management platform to support the post-COVID in-store experience by virtually scheduling personal shopping appointments and managing check-out lines. Qless integrates into a retailer’s website and connects to customers via a mobile phone app. Once implemented, this technology helps managers efficiently schedule staff and boosts customer satisfaction.

Here are Four Crucial Steps to Providing a Safe In-Store Retail Experience Using Queue Management Technology.

1. Go Digital by Merging the Online and In-Store Experience

As customers begin to venture out to shop in-store, offering a safe environment for all is essential. Expect customers to exhibit more focus when shopping (less browsing) and reduce contact with staff and other customers. Queue management software can help manage the number of in-store shoppers while providing customer-focused communications.

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2. Support Customer Loyalty

Managers should consider their customers’ expectations and priorities in this new environment. Customers may wish to have a different in-store experience. By connecting with loyal customers through digital surveys and additional opportunities to provide feedback, stores can maintain ties through the transition period.

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3. Repurpose Store as a Showroom

Throughout the pandemic, shoppers have fully embraced the convenience and flexibility of online shopping. However, they have missed the retail in-store experience of viewing items in a personal, familiar space before purchasing. By providing customers the opportunity to visit the store, view items, and learn about customization and shipping options, they get to experience the best of both online and in-person shopping.

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4. Sell Differently with Personal Shopping, Special Events, and Concierge Services

Drive customers to visit by offering specialized services and events not available in an online shopping platform. Unique offerings can include product demonstrations, performances, food and beverage, and the opportunity to schedule appointments with personal shoppers, design consultants, and shipping advisors.

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Queue Management: Create a Memorable In-Store Experience with Qless

Qless is ideal for retail stores as virtual queuing provides text message notifications to customers when their time approaches to meet with customer service agents or purchase their items. Stores can also use Qless to obtain valuable business intelligence through its ability to survey customers. Contact Qless today for a product demo.