bank buildings learn how to reduce queues in banks

If you operate a financial institution, you know there are peak busy times and days that draw in crowds. On payday, for instance, customers rush to deposit their paychecks and clog up business for others who want to open accounts, inquire about loans, and conduct other routine banking transactions. Long lines and wait times can frustrate customers and cause unwanted stress for your employees. So, the question is: how to reduce queues in banks and other financial institutions? The answer is to use a modern bank queue software that works by utilizing customers’ cell phones.

How Qless Bank Queue Software Works

Most bank customers are walk-ins that want to finish their transaction within ten minutes. They certainly don’t want to get stuck in a long line with extensive wait times. Even the sight of a long line can cause people to walk straight back out the door. With the Qless system, customers walking in can join a virtual line using on-site kiosks or an app on their cell phone. Once in the virtual queue, the software sends text or voice messages directly to their cell phone with updates about their place in line. As they move forward, they are asked if they need more time. This can come in handy if they need to run a quick errand as well as wait for bank service, since they don’t need to be in the building at all. When it’s their turn, the app directs them to the correct service window. 

A Simple Solution That’s Easy to Implement

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The Qless software reduces queues in banks, and it’s easy for customers and staff to learn how to use it. The staff will receive a real-time dashboard that lets them see who needs service and what type of transaction they need to perform. They can also send messages directly to customers’ cell phones when specific directions or alerts are needed. Staff typically only need a two-hour training session to understand and proficiently use the system. The bank queue software needs no hardware to be installed and works with most major web browsers. 

Customer Feedback Features  

Of course, your goal is figuring out how to reduce queues in your banks, but you also need to know how well it’s working. You can visibly see the lack of lines, but do your customers like the Qless system? Built-in features and back-end benefits let you easily see the results. As soon as customers are done with their transaction, the software can automatically send a customer satisfaction survey straight to their phone as a text message. Instant text surveys give you an excellent response rate, and you can collect the feedback to review later in easy-to-read graphs and reports. You’ll be able to tell how much customers are loving your ability to reduce queues in your banks.

Contact Qless today for a free demo of our software or to get more information about how to reduce queues in banks. We’re happy to answer all of your questions and give you some examples of our success stories of how Qless is helping financial institutions.