Urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, family doctors, and other healthcare facilities have to deal with delays in scheduling on a daily basis. When patients show up late, others who show up on time are made to wait. Any number of other reasons can cause wait times to skyrocket. You can’t control everything, but implementing Qless queue management and appointment scheduling technology is one of the most reliable ways of how to reduce wait times for patients in healthcare settings. 

Automated Healthcare Scheduling

When your receptionists get bogged down helping customers schedule appointments, they can’t help customers who need to be checked in. Everything slows down. Qless software takes this load off your employees and gives them back time to focus on patients. Qless gives you a patient portal on your website and app where they can book their appointments. There’s no more need to take extra time in the office for scheduling healthcare appointments.  

Appointment Reminders

People lead busy lives, and sometimes routine doctor visits are forgotten. Appointments are missed, and the schedule is disrupted. Qless automated healthcare scheduling makes it easy for patients to remember their appointment times with confirmations and reminders that are sent directly to their cell phones. Automation means receptionists don’t have to make phone calls or manually send email reminders. If you’re trying to figure out how to reduce wait times for your healthcare facility, the Qless appointment scheduling solution helps reduce no-shows and wait times.

Clear Out the Waiting Room

While clearing out your waiting room may not technically be a method of how to reduce wait times for healthcare, it does give the illusion of shorter wait times. As the saying goes, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Qless queue management lets patients wait anywhere for their appointment. That means they can visit a restaurant or other nearby businesses to kill time while they wait. Or, they could take a nap in their vehicle. Qless lets patients do whatever they feel is a good use of their time. 

Virtual Queues

Qless works by placing patients into a virtual queue. Once checked in through the app or an on-site kiosk, patients receive voice or text message alerts that let them know about their approximate wait time. When your staff is almost ready for them, it notifies them to get ready. Your staff can also send messages to patients who are waiting about schedule delays and direct messages to individuals when needed. When the patient’s appointment is complete, the app also gives you the option to send customer satisfaction surveys so you can keep tabs on how patients feel about the services you offer. 

You can learn more about how to reduce wait times for healthcare by requesting a free demo. The Qless software has many back-end features and benefits that will help simplify filing and provide you with valuable insights into your business. Contact us today to get started!