A woman shopping at a retail shoe store. If you’re an owner or manager in the restaurant, retail, or professional services sectors, chances are you’re looking forward to a return of pre-pandemic operating policies. However, businesses must continue to take steps to ensure customer and employee safety for the foreseeable future. Implementing a shop queue system not only helps reassure everyone that you’re taking safety seriously, but it also helps to optimize staffing and reduce wait times. The Qless shop queue system maintains health and safety best practices while also optimizing the customer experience. Our queue management software allows customers to choose when and how to stop and allows employees to communicate effortlessly with customers by text message. By allowing you to send out customer surveys, it also lets you collect feedback, identify potential areas of improvement, and develop better customer service.

Make Shopping Easier with an Online Shopping Queue from Qless

Qless offers a shop queue system that is ideal for restaurants, retail, and busy offices. The online platform manages check-out lines and provides for individual appointments. Qless quickly integrates into a business’ website and communicates with customers through a mobile phone app. The technology is safe and straightforward to use, and your customers and clients will enjoy never having to wait in line again!

Five Reasons Your Business Strategy Should Include an Online Shopping Queue

  1. A person accesses an online shopping queue from their smartphone.The Qless shop queue system helps you maintain and monitor occupancy rates and keeps clients sitting unnecessarily in an office waiting room. This sends a message to customers that you care about their well-being and respect their time.
  2. Queue management technology allows customers to enter a virtual queue to meet with sales associates, customer service, or office staff and provides a natural environment for cross-selling opportunities.
  3. The online shopping queue from Qless uses text messaging and a smartphone app to provide bi-directional communication with customers about their position in the virtual queue, reducing no-shows, late arrivals, or missed appointments.
  4. A shop queue system seamlessly integrates into your online shopping platform, allowing customers to place orders or purchases online for in-store pick-up – and without shipping fees or delivery waits.
  5. The Qless system also offers businesses the ability to send brief surveys to customers to collect feedback. This functionality provides rich business intelligence and data dashboards about what is working well and what areas need to be addressed. Surveys help to build customer engagement and be used to offer incentives or special VIP services.

Find Out How the Qless Shop Queue System Meets Your Business Needs

While it’s impossible to predict what the future holds, it is safe to say that the new “normal” for the next several years will be somewhat different from what we had come to expect before 2020. If you’re looking for proven, strategic measures to improve the customer experience for your business, contact Qless today. We can provide you with queue management best practices, case studies, and a product demo targeted to meet your business needs.