Time is money. It’s an old reliable adage. If you could return wasted time back to your customers, you could improve the overall customer experience and increase customer retention. The Qless time management platform frees up customers from waiting in line by sending them a text reminder before it’s their actual turn in line.

This kind of superior customer experience can improve your businesses reputation, create stronger customer loyalty, improve customer retention, and increase your bottom line.

How Mobile Queuing Works

With Qless you simply supply your system configuration setup and log in. The queuing system works with touch screen POS, handheld mobile devices, and regular desktop systems. Qless servers support the infrastructure so there’s nothing to download or maintain. You access a control panel that allows you to view all customer activity, add or remove customers to or from the queue, issue virtual “tickets” and check off tickets already issued. Customer information is updated every time a customer uses the system. That kind of CRM delivers instant analytics that you can use to determine things like:

 Average customer wait time
• Wait time information by demographics and location
• Percentages of return customers
• Employee customer service behavior

You can also take advantage of custom add-ons for implementation to integrate your system with turnstiles or automated entrances, or information provided by live employees/attendants.

Mobile Queuing Boosts Your Revenue

Customers with more free time can spend their money on other things, like cocktails in your lounge, gifts at your theme park, or time playing a slot machine. People forced to wait are more likely to turn away and statistics show that mobile queuing can reduce turn-aways. And what about those SMS reminders? What if you could send customers targeted marketing messages in addition to their mobile queue alerts? Qless facilitates opt-in marketing offers, via SMS, kiosk survey offers after ticket check-in, or verbal presentations by live hosts. Just use the same SMS channel to market new products or services directly to your customers. Happy customers return to businesses that offer them convenience, great service, and a remarkable experience.

Get Happier Customers with Qless

A queue wait list virtually eliminates any perceived wait time because customers don’t need to stand around, sit in crowded waiting rooms, or wait on hold. Qless re-imagines the concept of wait time, whether at a well-attended steakhouse, a busy amusement park, or on the phone. Customers are often willing to wait even longer in mobile queues because they are free to spend their time as they wish. With Qless, customers are “asked” by SMS to take their turn. Good targeted customer service can boost your reputation, which increases customer loyalty, and the popularity of your business.

Mobile Wait Lists, CRM and the Future

The future of customer service is about SMS queue management – and Qless is leading the way. With a robust SaaS interface that can scale with your business, Qless leaves waiting rooms behind and ushers in a new era free of frustration and wasted time. With virtual queue management you can:

• Improve your reputation
• Take advantage of improved customer satisfaction to grow your customer base
• Market your products and services with targeted SMS marketing
• Improve your business process

Best of all, you can watch your business thrive.

The Qless Advantage

• Reduce customer frustration
• Improve customer loyalty
• Streamline your CRM
• Take advantage of up-to-date analytics
• Employ targeted opt-in marketing
• Deploy easily to employees
• Get set up and ready to go in minutes

A Better Way to Wait