In this modern era, technological advances and digital features are expected throughout the customer journey. From being able to join work meetings virtually, ordering food delivery on an app, and getting directions on a smartphone, to virtual assistants that can turn off house lights and lock doors, people have become accustomed to a digital world. New tech enhances our convenience. Businesses that want to impress customers and improve their digital experience can easily do so with Qless software, giving them an edge over the competition.


Upgrade Your Website and App with Qless

Before customers even consider visiting a business, they’ve likely already checked out your website, and app if you have one, and have read your online reviews. If you book appointments or draw a line to sell goods or services, Qless software can help streamline this process through your website and app. Qless software can be integrated into your current website or app to provide features like digital appointment scheduling and virtual queues. The software works on major browsers and is fully branded with your company’s logo and name. Whether your customers are completing their digital experience on a computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone, Qless gives them the convenient features they’re looking for.  

Convert Physical Queues to Virtual

In the past, customers who wanted to get a haircut, eat at a busy restaurant, experience theme park rides, buy goods, or any number of other transactions in a wide range of industries would have to wait in line. Physically standing in line is the ancient way of doing things! With the Qless experience, customers can join a digital queue using their cell phones. Once in the virtual line, customers receive voice or text messages about their wait time and where to go for service. They are free to roam about your store or other nearby businesses, or they can just wait in their vehicles. Qless gives people back valuable time that would otherwise be wasted standing in a long line. 

Most of us can recall a time when we had to give up our place in line to retrieve a forgotten item. Qless queue management software gives customers the option to request more time in the queue, rather than starting them at the back of the line. So, if they need to find one last item, want a little extra time grabbing a snack, or require more time for any other reason, they can easily do so using the Qless app on their phone.

Giving customers leeway with timeframes and what they can do while they wait in a queue makes customers feel empowered and in control. Qless software improves the digital customer experience with virtual queues, and you’ll likely reap the rewards with more positive online reviews.

Digital Appointment Scheduling

Another feature of the Qless software that can greatly improve the customers’ digital journey is automated appointment scheduling. Before Qless, customers had to call and book an appointment with a receptionist. It was clunky, took up time for employees, and left room for missed appointments, causing holes in the schedule. With Qless software, customers can experience a completely digital way to book appointments using the company’s website or the app. This solution is especially beneficial to healthcare facilities, veterinarian offices, government offices, higher education, logistics, and other industries.

Once booked, the customer receives digital confirmations and reminders sent straight to their cell phone. This cuts back on no-shows and helps keep the schedule intact. The FlexAppointment technology can also integrate walk-ins with people who have scheduled appointments. This is perfect for businesses like beauty salons, restaurants, DMVs, financial services, car dealerships, and more. Employees have more time to focus on tending to the customer, with less time needed to coordinate the schedule.

Give Employees a Digital Dashboard

With Qless software, your employees will have access to a real-time dashboard that shows them who is currently in the queue, what services they need, who has upcoming appointments, and other pertinent data to help them manage customers. Through this digital experience, they can also communicate directly with customers. Their dashboard allows them to send text or voice messages straight to customers’ cell phones, alerting them collectively of delays or individually about customer-specific needs. Your customers will appreciate being kept in the loop and abreast of things that might affect their time spent at your business.

Use Data to Optimize the Digital Customer Journey

Using digital technology to enhance your customers’ journey with your business is easier than ever. To improve the overall experience, you need customer feedback and digital metrics from every transaction. Qless software collects data from customers like satisfaction surveys, transaction types and times, no-show rates, personal data for marketing, and other information that is invaluable to optimizing business processes. With this data, you’ll be able to digitally track how your customer service is experienced. Then, it’s up to you and your team to brainstorm the best ways of improving the services and goods offered.    

Create Promos Tailored for Customers

The metrics collected by the Qless software also tell you about customer habits. You can pinpoint what the most popular goods and services are and create customized promotions that target the majority of your customers. As they use the software on your website and app, Qless will also record email addresses and phone numbers to grow your marketing list. Reach customers while they’re waiting in line with sales and deals sent via text message. It creates a positive digital experience for the customer in every step of their journey with your company. 

The Qless software is a simple digital experience for customers and staff to learn to operate. It’s an easy process to implement, and our team of experts is eager to assist you. With so many features and benefits, Qless can be applied to a wide range of different industries. Contact us today to request a free business demo.