As a government office, it’s your duty to provide needed services to citizens. From motor vehicle services to providing food for women, infants, and children, the people depend on government offices. But how do you know your employees are doing a good job and your customers are satisfied with their experience in your government office? You could wait for online reviews to be posted, but by then, a bad review is in public view for all to see. Get ahead of the game with Qless customer journey analytics!

Appointment Scheduling

The customer journey starts before citizens ever step foot in a government office. First, they need to make an appointment. Make this process easy and simple for both customers and staff by providing Qless appointment scheduling. With this software, customers can book their appointment online or on your app. There’s no need to call a receptionist. This also gives your staff more free time to tend to other customer needs. As customers schedule appointments, Qless customer journey analytics record information that can be used later to create customer profiles. Automated confirmations and reminders help customers keep their appointments.

Queue Management

Qless customer journey analytics software also includes queue management. This comes in very handy for government offices that draw long lines, like the DMV. It improves the customer experience by letting them wait anywhere, not confined to a stuffy waiting room. The software places customers into a virtual queue. Text or voice messages are sent to their cell phones letting them know about approximate wait times and where to go for service. It also enables employees to communicate directly with customers when needed.

Powerful Data  

Qless customer journey analytics provide government offices with easy-to-read reports and graphs of the collected data. They can show transaction types and durations, no-show rates, wait times, personal information, customer habits, and customer feedback. All of this data can be used to improve business processes and gain insights into what customers think about the services that are provided by your office. It can be used to create employee incentive programs and compare branches to other offices. Use your customer feedback to correct issues and get the positive online reviews you need. The sky’s the limit when you give your management team valuable customer journey analytics to work with.


Qless setup is simple. It works with most major browsers and your customers’ cell phones. Our team can train your employees on how to use it in less than two hours. And, once you start using it, we will be happy to help with any of your questions. 

Qless software has many features that can benefit your government office and help improve the customer experience. Get started today by requesting a free business demo. Qless has already helped many government offices around the country. Contact us today to hear about their success stories.