Since March 2020, our healthcare management systems have been strained. The pandemic has increased hospitalizations, moved clinics to virtual consultations, and completely changed how we deliver healthcare. Now — as many countries deal with a second, worse wave of the virus — the strain on healthcare is only going to get worse. And this time, it coincides with flu season. Clinics and pharmacies are at a huge disadvantage, trying to maintain health and safety measures while managing the influx of patients looking for the flu vaccine – a critical vaccine during this pandemic. To safely manage the influx of patients needing the flu shot, while continuing to serve the vulnerable, healthcare needs to implement technology solutions to improve services and safety.

Manage Appointments

With most cities experiencing high cases of COVID again, clinics and pharmacies need top-notch healthcare management systems to administer flu shots using appointments. Otherwise, it could lead to extremely busy waiting rooms and long wait times for patients. Managing the influx of patients is easier with scheduling software, as it can streamline the appointment booking process. It can also integrate with walk-in appointments, filling gaps in the schedule when employees are less busy. In the healthcare industry, emergencies can pop up at any moment. This makes the integration with walk-in appointments extremely useful, especially during this busy period.

By automating their healthcare management system’s booking process through websites or an app, employees can focus on providing healthcare instead of answering phone calls. This can also help reduce the number of people inside at a time because clinics won’t need someone to staff the reception and phone. Patients can book and check-in to their appointment through their personal devices, reducing touchpoints. Using appointment and booking software makes the process to get a flu shot stress-free and safe.

Provide Safe Waiting Options

Even with appointments and the best intentions, healthcare appointments are known to frequently run late. This can create busy waiting areas, which can be dangerous during the pandemic. Clinics and pharmacies need to create a safe waiting experience for their patients, especially since many are catering to the elderly or vulnerable populations.

Qless healthcare technology solutions can help improve your healthcare management system. Virtual waiting rooms can be created using queue management software. When a patient checks into their appointment virtually, the queue management app will let them know how long until their appointment and will keep them updated on any changes. This means that patients can wait in their car, at home, or somewhere safe until the doctor or nurse can see them for their flu shot.

Data Collection

Flu shots take time to create and deliver, and delays can happen. This means that clinics and pharmacies frequently run out of stock for short periods. By collecting information through an app, patients can be kept up-to-date on whether there are vaccines in stock or if their appointment will need to be rescheduled until there are more vaccines in stock.

Collecting data is also important for patients that come in to get their flu shot for contact tracing purposes. By collecting all important information about the patient, when they visited the clinic, and how long they were there, healthcare providers can more easily access and manage data in case of an outbreak at their facility. You can easily update your facility’s healthcare management system with these functionalities through queue management systems and appointment scheduling software.

Flu season is always a busy time of year for healthcare providers, but this year will be even harder to manage. Clinics and pharmacies need to safely manage the influx of vulnerable patients and implement healthcare technology solutions to keep everyone healthy.