Are you using the latest technology to improve public perception of your government office?

In this webinar, we evaluate the trends in technology influencing government processes, customer service, and public perception.

The webinar features two guest speakers who share their insights and advice on the deployment of new technology:

  1. Jim Cochrane — Chief Information Officer, Orange County Tax Collector
  2. Joe Lewis — Motor Vehicle Manager, Johnson County Department of Motor Vehicles

“Prior to the adoption of Qless, it was not uncommon to have 100-200 people lining up outside waiting… We have seen a huge reduction: now on our busiest days, we may have 300-400 in line but we only have 50-60 people actually in the building. This takes a lot of stress off the front-line staff, and our citizens can manage their day so much better.”
Joe Lewis, Motor Vehicle Manager at the Johnson County Department of Motor Vehicles

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The most popular technologies advancing government agency services and capabilities
  • How to gain decision support for your technology initiatives
  • How to smoothly implement a new technology for government staff and citizens
  • How to capitalize on emerging technologies, such as cloud and mobile
  • How to move forward in small steps to open new opportunities for your staff and citizens
  • Tips and strategies from experienced department heads who are spearheading technological progress on a local level